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Designed primarily for electric bass players—and endorsed by legendary bass player Victor Wooten—the Hartke LX8500 is a bass amplifier head capable of outputting 800W RMS.


It weighs under 9 lb, yet the LX8500 can push this amount of power thanks to its Class-D circuitry. This powerful amp is made tonally pleasurable by its Class-A tube preamp, which responds dynamically to your playing. Bass, Shape, Frequency, and Treble knobs let you tailor your bass tone to your specific predilections.


You'll also note the onboard Drive control, which can give you distortions ranging from subtle grit to maxed out fuzz. A Compressor knob is also on hand, particularly useful for players who employ slapping, tapping, or thumb-picking techniques that cause sudden spikes in level. In addition to the usual 1/4" input for electric basses, the amplifier head also sports a 3.5mm auxiliary input as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack for silent practice.

Hartke LX8500 800W Amplifier Head for Electric Bass

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