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Powerful, intuitive tools for every step of your musical journey



Play is comprised of three main pages.   Parts, Layers, and Mixer are accessed using the buttons on the top left of the screen.



A newly designed Parts Panel makes layering sound easier than ever, opening up the possibility of total sound design freedom. Here you can adjust each of your sounds from Volume, to Pan, Mute, Solo, and more, all from a single screen. Easily test and swap layers of your sound or track, and save the combinations when you find one that suits you the most. You can also set the MIDI Channel, Transpose, and Player/Loop status of each selected part.


Within each of the sub panels (Edit, Effects, and Player) located at the bottom of the screen, you have the option to dig even deeper into each individual part.


Edit Panel

Switch between SampleTank’s 4 different HD sampling engines, including the proprietary STRETCH algorithm, to ensure the most natural sound.

For more fine-tuning, you can choose from 16 different filters and adjust every parameter. Edit envelopes, oscillators, portamento, polyphony, and much more.



Choose up to 5 of our 70 different effects included on SampleTank 4. Each effect slot as well as the entire effects chain can be bypassed, locked or saved as a preset. Choose effects ranging from different Amps, Distortion, Dynamics/EQ, Modulation, Reverb, Delay, and Filter.



4 powerful independent generators and players are included to help you create the perfect, arpeggios, guitar strums, MIDI patterns, and loops.



Layering lets you create very rich and complex sounds and textures. The addition of the Layers panel takes this feature to the next level. Add layers by pitch range to pair powerful low-end bass with delicate upper-register melodies in a single set of instruments. Further, you can layer sounds by velocity, so some sounds only trigger when playing softly and others only at the highest intensities. You’ll never believe how well you can control an entire symphonic orchestra of sounds from just one keyboard until you experiment with SampleTank 4’s layering.



SampleTank has always made it easy to layer sounds, whether your goal is to create an entire composition with just a single plug-in, or to combine sounds into one larger instrument. The new Mixer pages in SampleTank 4 are designed for the easiest and most natural workflow, to achieve the best mix in the least amount of time.

What might usually take dozens of plug-ins can all be accomplished right inside SampleTank 4.


Single Interface Control

Access all onboard controls and effects in a single interface, making mixing as fast and user-friendly as ever. You can even browse sounds from this window! You’ll never feel the need to click back to your DAW because all the tools you need are provided right in SampleTank 4.



With 70 high-quality, crisp, and beautifully designed effects, SampleTank puts you in complete control of your sound. This level of processing usually requires a deep dive into your DAW, but SampleTank 4 is designed to be the most user-friendly program of its caliber to get the sound instantly. Each individual effect slot can be bypassed, locked, or saved as a preset. That way you can keep your favorite settings to return to later. You can also save a series of effects as a chain to use throughout all of your different projects.


70 effects ranging from Amps, Distortions, Dynamics and EQ, Modulation, Reverb and Delay, and Filters are all at your control with a simple drag and drop. SampleTank 4 also includes more creative effects, like PianoLid, Wah 47, Tone Control, Phonograph, Lo-Fi, and Slicer. With this many effects to choose from, you are in control of your sound with the possibility to shape it how you please.



Picture a set list that you create for a live gig, a group of songs that come together to make a particular performance. SampleTank 4’s Live Mode makes it easier than ever to assemble and prepare sets, but also offers new features to let you adjust on the fly. With the simple click of a button, switch out of Play Mode into Live Mode and get ready to shine.



SampleTank 4 seamlessly connects with your different MIDI controllers in just a few simple clicks. You can define your personal parameters to control SampleTank 4 directly from any host device. Easily add SampleTank to your setup without having to change the setting you’re used to, thanks to its host automation functionality. Trigger loops, effects, filters, one-shot effects, and more – SampleTank can adjust to any workflow, in the studio or on stage.


iRig Keys I/O

Looking for the perfect controller to bring SampleTank 4 to life? Look no further. The iRig Keys I/O has every feature you need to work flawlessly with SampleTank 4, both in the studio and in live settings. Choose between both our 25 or 49 piano key models – both come equipped with 8 pads and 5 knobs, all pre-assigned for use with SampleTank 4. Browse and load sounds straight from the data knob, and control all 8 Macros automatically with the other 4. The 8 trigger pads automatically map to trigger loops or drums, and even the transport controls automatically synch with SampleTank 4.


Since iRig Keys I/O also come equipped with a high-quality audio interface, combining these keyboards with SampleTank 4 and your DAW of choice give you a powerful, fast, and portable recording studio in a single unit.

IK Multimedia SampleTank 4 MAX v2 Sample-Based Virtual Instrument Plug-In

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