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A superior plug-in replacement for MCI 600-series console mic preamps. The MPC-600 drastically improves performance by using a combination of the Jensen JT-16-B mic input transformer (Jensen's best mic input model), the 990C discrete class-A op-amp, and the total absence of coupling capacitors in the signal path. Just plug it in!

The Features

Jensen's JT-16-B Input Transformer

990 Discrete Class-A Op-Amp

Elimination of all coupling capacitors from the signal path

1% 100ppm Metal Film Resistors

Electrolytic Capacitors with a 105C Temperature rating

Fully Sealed 25-turn Cermet Trim Pots

The Specs

E.I.N., 20-20kHz unweighted

150 Ohm source: -129 dBu

0 Ohm source: -132 dBu

Maximum input level =20Hz: +9 dBu

Maximum output level at 990 output 75 Ohm load: +21 dBu


100Hz: 100 dB

10kHz: 80 dB

Deviation from linear phase 20Hz-120kHz: < 2 deg

60dB gain, 10k Ohm load, +21dBu output

10kHz: 0.005 %

1kHz: 0.004 %

40dB gain, 600 Ohm load, +21dBu output

10kHz: 0.003 %

1kHz: 0.003 %

40dB gain, 75 Ohm load, +21dBu output

10kHz: 0.030 %

1kHz: 0.005 %

DC offset < 100 µV


John Hardy MPC-600 Mic Preamp Card: Superior Replacement for MCI 600-Series Pr

  • John Hardy Audio MPC-600 Mic Preamp Card
  • Superior Replacement for MCI 600-Series Preamplifiers
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