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The micKing 1100 is built to provide pro functionality in a portable package.

Continuing with the use of the world's strongest boom clutch and innovative lever lock systems, this stand maintains the micKing's stellar strength reputation. For portability we've designed a new patent pending weighted Symmetric Torque Tripod Base that ensures tripod legs never go bad or droop while tilted. To counterbalance a wide range of microphone weights we developed a new patent pending stacking counter weight system featuring 1, 2, and 4 pound weights (2lb included). To boost performance we've included precision ram formed mounting points reducing weight in both the boom clutch and mic threads. The MK1100 shines extremely well for venues, touring, and in-studio as a vocal boom, drum overhead, or a general room mic.


The Features

Lever Lock System

Ensure a strong hold with customizable tensionMountingUses a precision ram-formed mounting point



Comes with one 2 lb thread on counterweight with the ability to add more weight via an available accessory weight set for a total of up to 7 lbs


Tripod Base

Uses symmetric torque tripod base with folding solid core legs that breakdown to just under three feet


Patented Boom Clutch

Provides nearly 16 square inches of clamp-able surface area

"The Latch Lake 1100 mic stand is the best stand I have ever used. It is incredibly versatile. It out performs any stand I have ever used. Solid and sturdy enough to hold any expensive tube mic. It will go up high enough to mic in the ceiling of a room or over a drum kit. It folds up small enough to fit in your backseat. The 1100 is a terrific innovation on Latch Lake's already amazing products."


- Ross Hogarth
Multiple Grammy winning producer / mixer/ engineer
Van Halen, Ziggy Marley, Keb’ Mo'

Latch Lake micKing 1100 Tripod Microphone Stand

  • Latch Lake micKing 1100
  • The world's strongest tripod microphone stand.
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