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With two studio-grade mic/instrument preamps and dual USB-C ports, the Lewitt CONNECT 6 Desktop 6x6 Dual USB-C Audio Interface enables musicians and content creators to fully integrate their iOS/Android mobile devices into their computer-based audio setup to stream and record professional-quality sound for music productions, podcasts, YouTube, and more.


Sounding professional is easy. Auto set up helps you find your optimal settings automatically and DSP-powered effects enhance the sound of your voice, vocals, or instruments without adding latency. Easily create workflows from basic to complex with the included CONTROL CENTER software. Use three software stereo channels for audio routing, a loopback channel to capture audio from any software, browser, game, or Zoom call, and two independent master mixes—one for monitoring and one for your audience. The one-knob Maximizer ensures optimal loudness wherever you send your mixes.


Studio-Quality Preamps with Industry-Leading Low-Noise Performance

Two crystal-clear, studio-grade preamps with low-noise performance of -133 dBV EIN and 72 dB of gain, so you can use any microphone without expensive signal boosters.


Extensive Analog and Digital Connectivity

Two XLR-1/4" combo jacks to connect microphones, guitars, keyboards, line-level audio devices (with 48V phantom power).

One 3.5mm TRS stereo aux input for additional audio devices.

Two 1/4" TRS L/R balanced monitor outputs.

One 3.5mm TRS stereo output for powered speakers.

Two independent headphone outputs powerful enough to drive any studio headphones.

One USB-C computer port: USB Audio Class 2, 44.1, 48, 96 kHz / 24-bit

One USB-C mobile port: USB Audio Class 1, 44.1, 48 kHz / 24-bit


Auto Setup and DSP Effects for Optimal Settings 

Activate Auto Setup on the input channels and let CONNECT 6 find the optimal settings for your voice or instrument automatically.

You can enjoy professional sound right from the start by adding DSP-powered effects to your voice, vocals, and instruments.

The powerful, hardware-based DSP allows for zero-latency monitoring, routing, mixing, and monitoring without using precious CPU power from your computer.

DSP effects include Expander, Compressor, 4-Band EQ, and Maximizer.


Fully Integrate Your Phone/Tablet into Your Audio Setup

Fully integrate your mobile device (or a 2nd computer) into your audio setup.

Stream and record audio to mobile-only applications like Instagram or TikTok.

Record virtual instruments from your smartphone or tablet.

Lossless digital audio transfer between computer and mobile device via USB-C.

Connect 6 charges your mobile device via USB-C

Apple MFI certified for iPhone/iPad.

CONNECTC2L USB-C to Lightning cable available separately.

Android phones/tablets.


CONTROL CENTER for Custom Audio Setups and Workflows

Use the included CONTROL CENTER software to create your custom audio setup and presets.

Combine the microphone signal with other audio sources from your computer, mobile device, or other inputs.

You can create two completely independent audio mixes, Mix A and B—one for personal monitoring and the other to be sent wherever you need it, be it your DAW, a streaming software, or a virtual meeting.

You can send your mix to applications on your mobile device.

Both mix outputs feature a one-knob Maximizer to ensure that your mixes always have the optimal loudness level.

Three virtual stereo channels are available for custom audio routing.

One loopback channel for captuing audio from any software, browser, game, or Zoom call.

Two independent master mixes with one-knob Maximizer to ensure optimal loudness.


Included software

Steinberg Cubase LE

Compatible with Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad, and Android


This unit ships directly from the manufacturer 

Lewitt CONNECT 6 Desktop 6x6 Dual USB-C Audio Interface

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