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Boasting self-noise below the threshold of human hearing, the Lewitt LCT 540 SUBZERO is a side-address true condenser microphone that offers highly detailed and clear studio-class sound on anything from vocals and acoustic instruments to drums and guitar cabs. It features a gold-sputtered 1" large-diaphragm capsule and high-end circuitry, so it can produce polished sonics, handle punishing SPLs before distorting, and serve extreme processing. Plus, it offers multiple pad and low-cut filter settings for optimizing the signal quality at the mic.

The cardioid polar pattern is most sensitive to sound directly in front of it while rejecting a significant amount of ambient noise behind the capsule. The mic imparts a lift in the treble range to enhance crispness and clarity without sounding brittle. As with all solid-state true condensers, the LCT 540 SUBZERO requires 48V phantom power and can be connected to an XLR input on your mixer, audio interface, or mic preamp. Supplied with a shockmount, foam windscreen, pop filter, and military-grade protective case, the LCT 540 SUBZERO is a capable mic package for the studio or stage.


A New Level of Detail

LEWITT's special approach towards electronics and capsule design makes the microphone better than human hearing. With the LCT 540 SUBZERO, LEWITT set a new benchmark in terms of capturing fine-grained details of your recording source. Record details of your voice and instruments that usually wouldn't even be audible. Make every detail count.


Fit for Extreme Processing

With its cutting-edge circuit and capsule design, the LCT 540 SUBZERO features an impressive dynamic range of 132 dB to capture everything from loud to subtle. You won't hear the self-noise of the mic even after heavily compressing the signal. Material recorded with the LCT 540 SUBZERO is fit for extreme processing.


Quieter than the Threshold of Human Hearing

Our hearing threshold is very frequency-dependent. It is less sensitive towards low and very high frequencies and most sensitive around 2 to 5 kHz. With LEWITT's circuit and capsule design, they were able to realize self-noise that'll stay below the threshold of hearing across the entire frequency spectrum.


1" True Condenser Capsule

The 1" true condenser capsule of the LCT 540 SUBZERO captures your instruments or vocals with an impressive amount of depth, detail, and clarity. Every single one of Lewitt's capsules is tested according to the highest quality standards. At Lewitt, they completely measure every single microphone before it gets to you, to ensure that you can make every detail of your sound count.


Switchable Settings

The mic offers two low-cut filter selections (80 or 160 Hz) to eliminate unwanted low-frequency sounds, compensate for proximity effect, and reduce structure-borne noise. Use the -6 or -12 dB pad to avoid clipping when recording very loud sound sources.


The Features

True condenser studio microphone

For vocals, acoustic instruments, speaker cabinets, and room miking

High-end capsule and circuit design

Cardioid polar pattern

Pad and low-cut filter settings

Key lock function prevents accidental changes to settings

Lewitt logo provides status indication for normal operation, clipping, and key lock status

Includes pop filter to impede vocal plosives

Includes foam windscreen to reduce wind noise from fans and AC systems

Includes shockmount, transport bag, and military-grade protective case

1" large diaphragm made of 3-micron gold-sputtered Mylar

Handles SPLs up to 136 dB (148 dB with -12 dB pad engaged) for distortion-free capture of drums and loud guitars

Wide dynamic range of 132 dB

High sensitivity of -28 dBV yields a strong, hot output signal

Incredibly low self-noise of just 4 dBA

Operates on 48V phantom power

Gold-plated XLR 3-pin output

Durable die-cast zinc enclosure

Lewitt LCT 540 SUBZERO Large-Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone

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