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Get a fantastic sound onstage without cumbersome cabling using the POD Go Wireless Guitar Multi-Effects Processor from Line 6. This pedalboard models amplifiers and cabinets, and provides a mutitude of effects, all while giving users wireless capability thanks to the built-in Relay wireless receiver and the included G10TII transmitter.

With its effects coming from Line 6's venerated HX series modeling processors, the POD GO Wireless is designed for use both live and in the studio. You'll find dynamics tools, distortions, pitch/modulators, filters, EQs, delays, wah/volume, and reverbs. In total, you'll find over 70 guitar and bass amps, 37 cab models, 16 mic emulations, and over 200 effects.


POD Go Wireless also supports the earlier Line 6 Relay G10T transmitter. If you have one, you will need to update the G10T transmitter to the latest firmware.
The Wireless Upgrades

POD Go Wireless has a built-in Relay wireless receiver

The device ships with a Line 6 Relay G10TII Wireless Transmitter, and the transmitter can be charged from the Guitar Input jack. 

The POD Go Wireless includes a convenient storage well in the back panel for transport of your transmitter

The device sports diversity antennas to receive the RF signal from the G10TII transmitter-Transmitter battery and signal indicators can be found in the display POD Go Wireless users can choose Guitar for some of the unit's presets, and wireless for others, effectively turning the Input block of the POD Go Wireless into an input switcher-Up to four POD Go Wireless and/or standalone Line 6 Relay wireless systems can be used on the same stage, provided care is taken to ensure all systems are set up properly

Killer Tone

Professional-quality amp, cab, and effect models drawn from the celebrated HX family of effects processors ensure best-in-class tone. Third-party speaker cab impulse responses (IRs) can also be loaded, providing nearly unlimited additional options when crafting tones
Easy to Use

A streamlined plug-and-play interface and simple and intuitive workflow make POD Go exceptionally easy to use. Choose, edit, and control sounds using the large color LCD screen, five push encoders, and eight footswitches. Plus, a multifunction expression pedal adds a second expression pedal or two external footswitches, for even more real-time control.

Eminently Portable

Remarkably light, compact, and portable, the POD Go guitar processor easily fits into any backpack, making it the perfect companion for short tours, fly dates, and rehearsals.

Snapshot Variations with Presets

Snapshots enable you to create up to four variations within a single preset and seamlessly transition between them without experiencing audio dropouts and the disruption of delay and reverb tails that normally occurs when switching between presets.


Audio connections include balanced stereo outputs, a duplicate amp out that can be tapped before the Cab/IR block, a stereo effects loop, a headphone jack, and even a USB port for accessing the 4-in / 4-out audio interface.

Recording Interface

A professional-quality onboard 4x4 24-bit / 96 kHz USB audio interface makes it easy to record directly to your computer. Reamping tracks is also a breeze, enhanced by the ability to load third-party speaker cabinet IRs.

Third-Party IR Loading

Third-party speaker cabinet impulse responses (IRs) may be loaded and incorporated into the signal chain of any preset, providing nearly unlimited additional options when crafting tones.

POD Go Edit App

POD Go Edit is a remote editor app that brings the same easy-to-use and fast-to-get-around interface of POD Go to your Mac or PC. Edit and manage presets, load impulse responses, export tones to share, and even update the firmware from one convenient app.

The Features

For Electric Guitars and Basses

Wireless Receiver, Supplied Transmitter

70 Amp Mods, 37 Cabs, 16 Mics & 200 FX

Self-Explanatory Interface

Load 3rd-Party Cabinet Impulse Responses

96 kHz / 24-Bit, 4-In / 4-Out Interface

Stereo FX Loops and Expression Input

POD Go Edit App for Preset Backup

Deeply Customizable via Pedal and App

Amp, cab, and effects models drawn from the award-winning HX family of processors

Simple interface with color display

4.3" color LCD makes it easy to see what you are doing

Color footswitch LEDs indicate which type of effect is active

Load third-party cabinet impulse responses (IRs) for unlimited cabinet options Snapshots let you seamlessly switch between tones without audio dropouts

Free POD Go Edit app for easy preset editing and backup

Pedal Edit mode lets you adjust any amp or effect parameter with your feet

Stereo effects loop and TRS expression pedal / dual footswitch input

Connect to a traditional amp via the Amp Out jack 4-in / 4-out, 24-bit / 96 kHz audio interface for recording and reamping

Line 6 POD Go Wireless Guitar Multi-Effects Processor

  • Line 6 POD Go Wireless Guitar Multi-Effects Processor
  • Get a fantastic sound onstage without cumbersome cabling using the POD Go Wireless Guitar Multi-Effects Processor from Line 6.
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