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The Little Labs Monotor is designed to fulfill the need for professional monitoring at the highest resolution possible, allowing you long fatigue-free analytical listening sessions.

What makes the Monotor the exceptional professionals choice?
A fully differential, almost entirely passive circuit path, with audio passing through a single active optimum gain stage per output. This circuit topology allows maximum revealing source analysis. Think reverb tails, edits, breaths, details that you have never noticed before.

Extensive mono monitoring capability: left plus right, left, right, and even left minus right, for phase check, azimuth, and digital compressed audio file artifact analysis.

Internal state of the art super low noise linear voltage regulation, with huge reservoir power supply capacitance providing audiophile full current/voltage for accurate, robust defined lows and highs.

Little Labs Monotor 2-ch Headphone Amplifier

  • Little Labs Monotor
  • External custom made for audio bipolar global switching power supply with beef, plenty of current and power reserve.

    Rack-mountable: Up to 4 Little Labs devices fit in a 1u space.

    Two Separately powered stereo outputs for tandem listening with both 1/4" and 3.5mm jacks, so no adaptors are necessary.

    Quality stepped volume attenuator with internal bypass included for external volume control capability.

    XLR/TRS combo jack inputs in parallel with TRS jacks for easy in-line monitoring and daisy chain multiple monotor hook up.

    Stereo mini aux input sums with the main audio for talkback communication or easy portable player hookup.

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