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Made of milled black anodized aluminum extrusion, the Little Labs Little Rack Kit mounts up to 4IBP, IBP Jr, Red Eye, Multi Z PIP, in 1 RU rack space. It does not include Blank (BLP) panels or hardware. (Note from Little Labs: This is not recommended for the NOT mechanically inclined. Units broken while installing rack are not considered a warranty repair).
  • La carte rack for DIY rack mounting
  • Milled black anodized aluminum extrusion
  • Mounts up to 4IBP,IBP Jr, Red Eye Multi Z PIP, in 1 RU rack space
  • Type:DIY Rack Mounting Kit
  • Material:Milled Black Anodized Aluminum Extrusion
  • Size:1 RU Rack Space
  • Finish:Black

Little Labs Little Rackit

  • Little Labs Little Rackit
  • The Little Labs Little Rackit is a DIY rack mounting kit designed for mounting up to 4 IBP, IBP Jr, Red Eye or Multi Z PIP modules in a single rack space.
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