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With the STD from Little Labs, long cable lengths with sound loss are no longer a problem.


Guitar or other instrument cables are extended with the help of microphone cables or patch lines without allowing noise. The two output jacks also allow the signal to be split and sent to two guitar amplifiers or one amp and one DI box.  A switchable ground lift for suppressing ground loops must of course not be missing at one of the outputs.

Whether you use the STD in the studio or live mode is irrelevant, because the flexibility is given fo rmusicians and sound technicians in every situation. Artists who want to be more than 3 meters away from their amplifier, studio musicians who prefer to record together with the rest of the band, although the amp is in a different recording room, or sound engineers who want to use permanently installed DI boxes for musicians in the recording room - with the STD, everyone is served perfectly and without sound loss!

Little Labs STD rev 2

  • Litlle Labs STD rev 2
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