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The best-selling Milab model is a true workhorse with a transparent sound that excels on transient rich sources like acoustic guitar, piano or drums.

The hand-made small diaphragm condenser capsule is wonderfully transparent and handles fast transients and high frequency content like few, if any, competitors. It has a beautifully straight frequency curve with a presence peak around 10 KHz which makes the VM-44 ideal for almost any sound source, but especially for acoustical instruments where it absolutely shines.


The VM-44 is just as home in a studio as on stage, and thanks to its small size it’s easy to place exactly where you want it without being in the way. The natural sound and discreet appearance have made the VM-44 range very popular among TV studios around the world.The -12 dB pad ensures high SPL handling, and if cardioid is not the pickup pattern you need, the front is easily unscrewed in a few seconds and can be replaced by an omni or a supercardioidcapsule.



3221 shockmount

3406 windscreen

Individual frequency graph.
In a 2009 "blind shootout" in Tape Op Magazine, the VM-44 was chosen as one of the “top picks” out of 91 small diaphragm condensers.

Milab VM-44 Classic Small Diaphragm Condenser

  • Milab VM-44
  • Classic Small Diaphragm Condenser Microphone
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