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The Morely 20/20 Distortion Wah Pedal provides a distortion effect and a switchless optical wah effect in the same pedal. The PDW circuit has been redesigned to offer an improved tone and more gain. The wah effect feeds into the distortion circuit to create a traditional combined tone, while knobs for the distortion level, distortion drive, and tone let you customize the sound.


The pedal is green with glow-in-the-dark logos and is constructed with a durable gig-ready cold-rolled steel housing. Power is supplied by a single 9V battery or Morley 9V adapter (both available separately).


All Morley 20/20 pedals come equipped with their buffer circuit. This circuit prevents volume loss or tone change to the instrument. It also allows you to use long cables or pedalboards with a lot of pedals and connection cables. The optical design ensures smooth pedal control of wah switching, that won’t get scratchy and wear out like potentiometer-/pot-controlled pedals.

Morley 20/20 Distortion Wah Pedal

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