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G2R Power PCB Relays

Omron G2R Power PCB Relays are high-capacity, high-sensitivity, and general purpose relays. These relays are sealed and semi-sealed, non-latching, 1-pole, PCB, and quick-connect relays. The G2R relays provide a creepage distance of 8.0mm minimum between coil and contact. These relays have a highly stable magnetic circuit for latching endurance and excellent resistance to vibration and shock.



Relays from Omron Electronics include PCB power relays, DC power relays, signal relays, solid-state relays, and automotive relays. Omron Electronics Relays support a wide range of capacities and applications.


General Purpose Relays SPDT 16A Thru-Hole 48VDC 4.17K Ohm


RoHS Compliant

Omron Electronics G2R-1-E-DC48

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