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26x32 USB 3.0 Audio Interface and Studio Command Center
The Studio 192 from PreSonus is a USB audio interface with flexible connectivity in addition to professional monitoring and mixing controls in a single rack-space unit. It can be used as a central hub in project or professional studios when paired with a Mac or Windows computer for applications such as recording, editing, mixing, signal processing, and more.


Some of the features of the Studio 192 include an on-board talkback mic that can be routed to any mix, two headphone amps, and ten balanced outputs for monitor mixing or speaker switching, or both. In addition, the eight XMAX preamps now have remote control and you can control them right from within the Studio One mixer.


Control preamp settings via MIDI in ProTools, Logic, or Live (sold separately), and save the settings with your recordings.Your Studio 192 audio interface can also be an integrated extension of your recording environment. Launch Studio One and you'll find the preamp controls, speaker switching, mono, dim, and talkback functions needed to control your Studio 192. Create zero-latency mixes with Fat Channel processing. The plug-ins run on both your computer's processor and on your Studio 192 and switches with a seamless transition. This allows you to punch in while monitoring the same audio between playback and recording.

Finally, adding the right amount of effect and processing to a monitor mix can make a huge difference in your ability to experience a good performance naturally. The Studio 192 includes Fat Channel processing on every analog input plus a stereo reverb and delay. The Fat Channel includes a high pass filter, noise gate with key listen, compressor, 4-band fully parametric equalizer, and limiter. 50 factory presets created by professional PreSonus customers are included to help you quickly create the sound you want. The result is a better performance and a better recording.

The Features

Integrated Zero-Latency Monitoring
Total integration with Studio One for multitrack music production, zero-latency monitor mixing with effects, and studio command features
24-bit, 192 kHz USB 3.0 audio interface (backwards compatible with USB 2.0). Individual stereo main balanced outputs with mono, dim, mute, output metering and level control accessible from front-panel, UC Surface, and Studio One
Eight XMAX remote controllable mic preamps with individual 48V phantom power switching and 85 dB gain range.
Two instrument inputs, available via dual-purpose front-panel combo jacks, six balanced line level inputs, 8 balanced TRS 1/4" outputs for monitor, stereo S/PDIF coaxial input and outputs, BNC wordclock input and out, and ADAT optical inputs/outputs
Studio One Artist license included, PreSonus' revolutionary digital audio workstation for Mac and Windows, with unlimited track count and 2 GB content
UC Surface for Windows and Mac PCs, Windows 8 touch computers and iPad

PreSonus Studio 192 26x32 USB 3.0 Audio Interface and Studio Command Center

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