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The 8C-PTHDX Pro Tools HDX Compatible interface module provides eight channels of digital audio input and output for the ADA-8XR in a form compatible with Avid Pro Tools|HDX workstations.


The Pro Tools HD interface Module enables the ADA-8XR to replace Avid HD I/O interfaces, providing superior audio performance and additional features.


Direct connection emulating Avid HD I/O; up to 32 input / output channels can be connected on each cable, each HDX card handling 8 channels


To the Pro Tools|HDX software, an ADA-8XR fitted with a Pro Tools HDX compatible interface module looks similar to an Avid HD I/O and operates in a similar way, supporting sample rates up to 192kHz.

PrismSound 8C-PTHDX Pro Tools|HDX Compatible Interface Module

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