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The Purple Audio MFTwenty5 is an amazingly flexible summing mixer. And it's designed to integrate perfectly above or below a 500 series chassis, making it an ideal mixer for modular workflows. With 55 discrete op-amps and a transformer balanced output, the MFTwenty5 delivers top-notch audio quality all the way through. And with 10 inputs (with mults) plus a solo stereo bus, a mono aux send, and the ability to add an optional meter bridge and fader bank, the Purple Audio MFTwenty5 can be anything from a simple summing mixer to the heart of a custom modular console.


The Features

10 x 2 rackmount summing mixer, designed for seamless integration with 500 series systems

Multed inputs allow for routing flexibility

Each channel can be mono or stereo

Mono aux send

Add signal metering and hands-on control with the MF Series Meter Bridge and MF Series Fader Pack (each sold separately)

Purple Audio MFTwenty5 1RU Rack Mountable Summing Mixer

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