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The SUB 705-AS MKII 15" Active Subwoofer from RCF is a compact and powerful bass reflex subwoofer. It is equipped with a 15" high power woofer with 3" voice coil, powered by a 1400W digital amplifier in robust plywood housing for a powerful bass. Thanks to the built-in DSP digital stereo crossover with adjustable crossover frequency, it can be easily set up with a satellite speaker.

The subwoofer is equipped with 1400W digital amplifier that produces a very high output, low distortion, and natural sound. The amplifier features a solid mechanical aluminum structure which not only stabilizes the amplifier during transportation but also assist in the heat dissipation. The input board includes stereo XLR Inputs (balanced/unbalanced), stereo XLR Link/Xover outputs, volume control, Xover switch, phase switch. The 3 status LEDs – limiter / signal / status are provided for monitoring the system.

Two ergonomic recessed handles are positioned on the sides of the speaker. Thanks to the integrated steel pole mount, the subwoofer can be easily combined with another speaker. The use of steel instead of plastic makes the whole system particularly reliable and robust, thus allowing to choose a heavier monitor without the risk of damage.

The Features

1400W digital amplifier

15" woofer, bass reflex housing

Stereo crossover

Switchable crossover frequencies

Phase-reverse switch

Electronic equalization, soft limiter, and protection

Stereo XLR input, Stereo XLR signal output

Applications: Club sound, DJs, portable PA, rental, small theatre


RCF Sub 705-AS MKII 15" Active Subwoofer

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  • RCF Sub 705-AS MKII 15" Active Subwoofer
  • The SUB 705-AS MKII 15" Active Subwoofer from RCF is a compact and powerful bass reflex subwoofer.
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