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As a plugin rack in your DAW or as a fast and flexible music production tool, Reason Suite is ready for your music-making. Just starting out on your musical journey or well on your way to your next album? Wherever you are, Reason's legendary rack of synths, instruments and effects is ready to turn good ideas into great music. On its own or in your favorite DAW as a plugin. Reason Suite sets you on course with a formidable collection of instruments, effects and other music making tools – more than 70 devices in total! You will find everything from bread-and-butter effect units to out-of-this-world synthesizers. Reason Suite is an unbelievable package at an unbeatable price.Features• Powerful virtual instrument rack plugin and music production software• Fully loaded with all Rack Extension plugins from Reason Studios• Includes over 70 instruments, effects and utilities• 28 premium instruments• 31 audio effects• 17 MIDI effects and utilities• Sound Bank with more than 32000 device patches, loops and samples• Use Reason the way you want: as an instrument and effect plugin in any DAW or as stand-alone production software• Fully equipped and ever expandable rack of instruments and effects• Easy and comprehensive sequencing, easy audio recording and a studio grade mixing console

Reason 11 Suite

  • Reason 11 Suite
  • 28 Instruments • 31 Effects • 6 Player MIDI Effects • 8 Utility Devices Boxed Edition
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