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The comp.two is built on fully-balanced tube-circuitry. The main audio path consists of SOWTER input- and output transformers (SOWTER), two high-end coupling capacitors, input- and output-tubes (NOS 6N3 and 6CG7).


The "true“ dual mono-design has separate power supplies for each channel. The potentiometers are encapsulated, quality products from ALPS. The VU-meters can be calibrated with a trim-pot hidden behind small holes in the rugged front plate. All switches use relays or directly determine control voltage. The two bypass-switches separate circuitry, so that only input directly connects with the output (true bypass).


An IC is used to regulate the VU-Meter. Apart from that circuitry, the comp.two consist of discrete components and is hand wired in Germany.


In addition to the essential controls such as input, output, threshold, attack and release, the comp.two provides a side chain with an integrated four-stage filter. (Flat, 50, 74, 110 and 160 Hz). This filter takes out high-energy bass frequency that could otherwise affect the compressor’s behavior. The special “amp-only” -mode uses only the in- and output-stages and not the compression.

Some may say: “Tube-compressors sound good but they are too slow. I prefer VCA-compressors because of their speed“. The comp.two accomplishes both, with an attack up to 600 µs it is extremely fast but it also has a soft and really musical knee compression for your sound processing.


The Features

Audiophile, fully symmetrical design
- Aluminium chassis with 6 millimeter front plate
- SOWTER transformer
ALPS pots
VU-Meter (manual calibration)
 Output tube - 6CG7
- Input tube - NOS 613P
- WIMA - dual capacitor
- Amp Only Mode
- Real bypass
- Dual Mono with separate power supply
- Sidechain-Control (54, 74, 110, 160 Hz)

rockruepel comp.two vari-mu tube compressor

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