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The Samar Audio Design MG32 (end-addressed) and the MG33 (side-addressed) small diaphragm cardioid condenser microphones share the same capsule, the same electronics, and the same acoustical properties. Don’t let their compact size and modest price tag give you the wrong impression. They are very high-quality original designs, featuring low noise, and a smooth and very balanced response, with low distortion, and excellent low and high-end extension. They are an ideal solution for demanding professional engineers, studios, artists, as well as home recording enthusiasts, to make the highest quality recordings, especially in environments where the compact size of the microphone is of the essence. The microphones are built at the company’s Salt Lake City-based shop.

Both Samar MG32 and MG33 microphones were designed by the company’s founder Dr. Mark Fouxman. As with any Samar microphone, extraordinary attention was put into the shape of the body and its acoustical properties. An unusual, innovative, and optimized acoustical lens eliminates standing waves, reflections, and wave interference, and allows for minimal phase distortion anomalies along with excellent off-axis response. The MG32 and MG33 use the same capsule as our highly acclaimed MG20. For low distortion, the highest possible sonics, sound quality, and years of dependability, both the MG32 and MG33 use the highest quality electronic parts, such as SMD Vishay-Dale resistors and through-hole Wima capacitors in the signal chain.

Samar’s MG32 and MG33’s balanced, neutral sound, along with the excellent low-end response, and the non-harsh sonic nature on the high end, makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, such as pop, jazz, and classical piano, string instruments, brass instruments, acoustic guitars, drum overheads, percussions, room microphones, orchestra, and choir among other recording, broadcast, and classical music applications.

The Samar MG32 and MG32 are especially suitable for environments where compact size is important. They are perfect for live sound reinforcement, concert recordings, drum and percussion sessions, and any place where a small unobtrusive footprint is needed.


The Features


Very Low noise

High SPL Handling

Handcrafted in the USA

1-year warranty

15-day satisfaction guarantee


The Specs

Pickup Pattern: Cardioid

Capsule Dimension: Pickup Area 0.500”

Sensitivity: -41 dB (8.91 mV/Pa)

Signal Noise Ratio: 80dB

Noise Level: 15dBA

Phantom Power: 48 Volt

Output Impedance: 47 Ohm

Max SPL: 140dB

Dimensions: 0.740” x 3.370”



Samar MG32 End-Addressed Small Diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone

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