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The BETA 98AMP Miniature Cardioid Drum Microphone from Shure is a 3-pack of miniature condenser microphones. The BETA 98AMP features a gooseneck for flexible positioning on drums, percussion, and more. Its high SPL handling and wide frequency response make it ideal for both crucial recording and sound reinforcement applications. The BETA 98AMP's small capsule and flexible gooseneck allow for close drum positioning without interfering with the player's performance.

The Features

Uniform cardioid polar pattern provides maximum gain-before-feedback and rejection of off-axis sound for smooth high-end response and control•Precision-engineered design features integrated preamplifier and XLR connector to maximize setup efficiency while minimizing stage clutter

Frequency response tailored for drums and percussion applications with a wide dynamic range for use in high SPL environments

Flexible gooseneck for precise placement and easy adjustment

Ships with A75M Universal Microphone mounts with quick release, for versatile and secure instrument and/or stand mounting•Furnished with snap-fit windscreen and zipper pouch

Shure BETA 98AMP Miniature Cardioid Drum Microphone (3-Pack)

  • Shure BETA 98AMP
  • Miniature Cardioid Drum Microphone (3-Pack)
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