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The SPL 2272 GainStation 1 Single-Channel Mic & Instrument PreAmp is a single-channel microphone and instrument preamplifier which can help in the sprucing up of your digital recordings with analog sound processing.

The majority of audio production nowadays relies increasingly on digital systems for recording and mixing processes (DAWs, digital consoles etc.). But it is widely held that digital systems do not offer the same audio qualities, characteristics and the sonic texture of high-end analog equipment. And it is questionable as to whether or not digital equalizers and other digital gear in the mixing domain can compete with an open and transparent analog sound. As a result, SPL created the GainStation 1 to assist the engineer in regaining some of this analog sound even in a digital setting.


Attacking this problem on the preamplification front, with the goal of noticeably improving a signal and sending it along its path with a healthy sonic foundation, SPL spent a great deal of thought and focused their engineering effort to create this preamplifier.

The GainStation 1's compact design will allow users free placement of the unit outside of a rack and closer to the microphone. Musicians can place it easily on a rack or amplifier or almost anywhere they desire analog produced sound. To accommodate portability, the optionally available SPL GainBag helps ensure safe transport of the GainStation 1 to and from a gig or session, and offers additional storage for cables and different-sized microphones. In addition, the design of the case allows for easy access to the unit's inputs and outputs. For more permanent installations, up to four GainStation 1's can be rackmounted in one optionally available 4-unit rackmounting frame.

Guitarists and bassists can also benefit from utilizing the GainStation 1, as their instruments will go through the analog path and warm up with the preamp's analog "sound engine."With this more natural analog feel to the texture of the signal, less EQ'ing will be needed, thereby avoiding a possible pitfall in the digital audio realm. And in what is often the case, compression of the signal becomes unnecessary as the preamp will subtly do that job on its own—via its tubes—in the analog domain. This can free up computer processing power, too, and can have an extremely positive effect on the final result.

The GainStation 1 is designed to offer effective sound-shaping capabilities at the point of recording, most notably via the tube stage. It can be completely bypassed or continuously added to the preamp circuit, allowing everything from extremely subtle "warmth" to a very noticeable tube saturation effect. The integrated limiter can be used to protect an internal or external AD converter from clipping, or for example, to add punch to drum tracks, which in turn reduces or in many cases even eliminates the need for subsequent compression. Put simply, The GainStation 1 is engineered to improve tracks to the point that the mix will be easier to handle due to improved track sound quality.

The GainStation 1 features separate solid-state and tube preamplifiers. The tube preamp can be used in addition to the solid-state stage to add tube saturation, while for cleaner recording results it can be switched off. The GS1 also features a Peak / FET limiter to help keep control of your preamped signals. Another sound-shaping feature is the selectable mic-input impedance, which can be switched between 4 settings: 200 Ohms, 1 kOhm, 2 kOhms, and 10 kOhms. Fully discrete op-amps feature an operating voltage of 60V, twice the voltage of many more common amps, thus increasing the unit's dynamic range. All switching functions are handled by encapsulated relays with gold-plated contacts for lower noise performance and a best-connection scenario. The unit's power supply is built with additional shielding to help keep noise interference to a minimum.


The GainStation 1 is a flexible, more compact, use almost anywhere preamp designed to deliver high-quality, analog-inspired sound.

The Features

Fully discrete, Class-A op-amps with 60V operation voltage

High amplifier slew rate for cleaner transmission of hi-frequency signal and rapid transients with no clipping

Mostly DC-coupled signal path

Optimized signal path for low impedance and maximized shielding

All resistors are within 0.1% tolerance for improved and consistent performance

A tube stage utilizing premium MKP foil condensers and a select 12 AX7 LPS tube for enhanced audio performance

The Options

AD Converter Module 1090

Lundahl Transformers

SPL GainStation 1 Single-Channel Mic & Instrument PreAmp

  • SPL GainStation 1 Single-Channel Mic & Instrument PreAmp
  • The SPL 2272 GainStation 1 Single-Channel Mic & Instrument PreAmp is a single-channel microphone and instrument preamplifier which can help in the sprucing up of your digital recordings with analog sound processing.
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