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The SPL MC16 is designed to monitor surround and immersive audio projects (like Dolby Atmos, Auro 3D, and others) in the analog domain. The MC16 offers the same unrivaled quality as 120V stereo monitoring.

16 Speakers

Sixteen buttons are used to activate the corresponding loudspeakers. The 16 inputs of Input 1 and Input 2 are routed directly to the outputs. This ensures that an output routing of a DAW session always matches the routing in the MC16. The buttons let you insert a label with the exact name of the loudspeaker.

2 x 16

MC16 offers two 16-channel inputs to quickly compare a current project with a reference production.

Monitor Level

This analog potentiometer is used to adjust the monitor level. SPL developed a 16-level potentiometer to realize the volume control in the analog domain. SPL didn't want to accept a digital control, which is afflicted with resolution deficits and limited dynamic range.


You can save speaker setups to three memory locations. So you can quickly call up a 5.1 or an 11.1 or a 9.1.6 configuration. In solo mode, three more memory locations are available with the same keys. You can create solo groups for all front speakers, ceiling speakers and rear speakers.

SPL MC16 Mastering Monitor Controller

  • SPL MC16 Mastering Monitor Controller
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