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This classic has been updated with new features adapting it to the demands of modern music production environments.Advanced source and speaker selection, multiple monitoring modes, an integrated premium talkback system, headphone amplifiers with Phonitor Matrix, an additional input for a dedicated artist mix, and an internal audio operatingvoltage of +/-18volts make the MTC Mk2 once again the professional studio standard among monitor controllers.

Monitoring in highest sound quality

Create perfect mixes – for you and your artist – on speakersand thanks to the Phonitor Matrix, also on headphones.

Full Control

The 45 mm big, massive, milled from aluminum knob for the analog volume control, offers the perfect control range to adjust the monitoring volume intuitively and precisely.

Speakers & Subwoofer

The MTC Mk2 provides three pairs of outputs for stereo speakers and a mono output for a subwoofer.


The respective stereo pairs are selected with high-quality analog switches. Each pair has its individual switch. Thus, multiple selection is also possible. The SUB switch can be used to switch an additional subwoofer on and off. The SUB can be combined with any speaker pair. The subwoofer output sends a mono summed signal with full frequency range. Alternatively, a mono monitor speaker can be connected to the SUB output.

Monitoring modes

MTC Mk2 allows three different monitoring modes. As a standard, the mix can be monitored in “stereo”. Monocompatibility can be checked in “mono”. The phase of the signal can be reversed via the phase inversion switch Ø. A special feature is the third mode – the channel swap function: LR SWAP


Reverses the stereo image. Left becomes right and right becomes left. This is especially time-saving when you are monitoring samples in video dubbing that should match a scene with direction of movement. If the direction is not correct, you usually have to load the sample into the DAW to switch channels. LR SWAP allows channel swapping directly in the monitor controller.

Tip: M/S – Mid or Side?

By using the MONO and the phase invert switch in combination, it is possible to only monitor the M or S signal. When “Mono mode” and phase inversion is active, only the S signal is played back. If the phase inversion is switched off, the Mono signal corresponding to the M signal is played back. Separate monitoring of the M and S signals has become a standard for many mixing and mastering engineers.

Dim and Mute

Besides the DIM switch for a quick attenuation of the monitoring volume by 10dB, the MTCMk2 also offers the option of completely switching off all speaker outputs with the SPMUTE switch. This is useful, for example, when monitoring via a pair of speakers with a subwoofer. So only one switch has to be pressed to turn off this combination.


If an error occurs in the DAW and a full level noise signal is output from the computer, activating the mute function protects the connected equipment and the hearing from damage.In addition to the SP MUTE, there is also an HP MUTE. This deactivates the headphone outputs of the MTC Mk2. (This does not apply to headphone output HP 2 when CUE MIX is activated).

SPL MTC Mk2 Monitor & Talkback Control

  • SPL MTC Mk2 Monitor & Talkback Controller
  • Updated with new features the MTC Mk2 is adapted to meet the demands of modern music production environments.
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