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The SPL Phonitor 3 DAC is not only the ultimate headphone amplifier and monitoring controller with 120V technology – the integrated DAC makes it the perfect monitoring centerpiece for demanding producers as well as sound and mastering engineers working with digital sources or in the DAW. Whether it's USB, AES/EBU or S/PDIF - the integrated DAC with analog SLP120 converts digital PCM audio signals with a resolution of 32 bit and a sampling rate of up to 768 kHz. It converts DSD signals with a resolution of up to DSD256. On the analog side, the Phonitor 3 DAC, based on the SPL 120V technology, offers the same monitoring quality as the big SPL mastering consoles – on loudspeakers and headphones. The analog Phonitor Matrix allows mixing and mastering on headphones in the highest quality – with the same spatial perception of the stereo stage as on loudspeakers.


Great sound – for headphones 

The Phonitor 3 DAC offers connection for a standard headphone with a stereo jack plug on the front. Thanks to the enormous output power, all kind of headphones are driven effortlessly. Thus, it plays out the advantages of the SPL 120V technology and rewards the listener with an honest, detailed and at the same time vivid sound experience.


Great sound – also for loudspeakers 

On the rear of the device, Phonitor 3 DAC offers a stereo output which makes it a high-quality monitoring controller for any monitoring situation. Active speakers with an integrated power amplifier or passive speakers in combination with a power amplifier can be connected at this output.


Monitoring at the highest level 

Phonitor 3 DAC offers the same key technology – SPL 120V technology – and signal quality as the big SPL DMC and MMC mastering consoles.


Headphones or Speakers 

The Output switch – simply switch from headphone to speaker playback. In the center position (Mute), no signal reaches the outputs. The VU meters light up red.


Digital & analog stereo inputs – free choice

 Up to six stereo sources can be connected to the Phonitor 3 DAC. The source is selected via the Source switch.


Analog inputs 

On the analog side, two analog stereo inputs are offered, each with two XLR line inputs. Professional analog players with balanced outputs and line level can be connected here.


Digital inputs 

On the digital side, the Phonitor 3 DAC offers four digital stereo inputs



Via USB, the Phonitor 3 DAC converts PCM audio signals with a resolution of 32 bits and a sampling rate of up to 768 kHz as well as DSD signals with a resolution of up to DSD256.


S/PDIF, coaxial 

The Input S/PDIF coaxial can also receive a two-channel signal (PCM audio) with sampling rates up to 192 kHz and a bit rate of 16 bits to 24 bits. Unbalanced, 2-wire 75-ohm coaxial cables with RCA connectors are used for signal transmission.


S/PDIF, optical

 The S/PDIF optical input can also receive a two-channel signal (PCM audio) with sampling rates of up to 192 kHz and a bit rate of 16 bit to 24 bit. 



An AES signal can transport two encoded PCM audio channels with a maximum sampling rate of 192 kHz and a bit rate of 16 bits to 24 bits. 


The DAC – the best is just good enough 

The converter chip in the Phonitor 3 DAC´s digital-to-analog converter is the highly acclaimed AKM AK4490 Velvet Sound™ premium DAC chip, which thanks to its architecture reproduces the finest sound details. It converts PCM audio at 32-bit resolution and a sampling rate of up to 768 kHz.


Mono or stereo – a matter of setting

 The Mono/Stereo switch can be used to select whether the output signal of the Phonitor 3 DAC is a regular stereo signal or whether it is summed to a mono signal.


Finding the real center 

Naturally, hearing can be directed more to the left or more to the right. This becomes particularly clear when listening on headphones. Therefore, the Phonitor 3 DAC has the uniquely fi nely resolved laterality control, which rebalances the stereo image on the monitoring side. The Mono/Stereo switch can not only be used to switch between stereo or mono playback. This switch is also used to activate or deactivate the laterality control.


Solo L/R 

Only the right or left channel of the audio signal should be played back? The Solo L/R function makes it possible. If the triple selection switch is in the “L” position, only the left channel is played back – if it is in the “R” position, only the right channel is played back. In the middle position “Off ” the Solo function is switched off . The regular stereo signal consisting of the left and right channel is thus present at the output of the Phonitor 3 DAC.


L/R Swap 

A special feature is the channel swap function: L/R Swap. This function inverts the stereo image. Left becomes right and right becomes left . This is especially important and extremely time-saving, when you are monitoring samples in video dubbing that should match a scene with direction of movement. If the direction is not correct, you usually have to load the sample into the DAW to switch channels. before you can judge whether the sample matches the image. With the L/R Swap function, this is no longer necessary.


Phase inversion for L and R 

With this switch the phase of the left or right channel of the audio signal can be inverted. If the three-way selection switch is in the “L” position, the left channel is inverted – if it is in the “R” position, the right channel is inverted. In the middle position “Off ” this function is switched off . At the output of the Phonitor 3 DAC the regular stereo signal is thus present.


M/S – Mid or Side? 

By using the mono/stereo and L/R phase inversion switch in combination, it is also possible to only monitor the mid or side signal. When the switch is set to “Mono” and phase inversion is active for L (or R), only the side signal is played back. If the phase inversion is switched off , the mono signal corresponding to the “M” signal is played back. Separate monitoring of the M and S signals has become a widespread standard for many mixing and mastering engineers.


Preamp Out or Direct Out

 With a dip switch on the rear of the device, the volume control for the rear stereo output can be switched out of the signal path. But that’s not all. It is also possible to output the Phonitor Matrix to the stereo output on the rear panel of the device – regardless of whether this is configured as Preamp Out (with volume control) or Direct Out (without volume control).


The 120V technology 

The 120V technology is our reference technology. The 120V technology is unique in the world. It operates at a DC voltage of 120 volts. This is four times that of IC-based semiconductor op-amps.


Need more?

The SPL Expansion Rack is not only a 19″ rack housing for the Phonitor  3 DAC, it also expands the connection possibilities. This allows the Phonitor 3 DAC to become a monitor controller for up to four stereo speaker pairs!


SPL Phonitor 3 Headphone Amplifier w/ Rack Expander

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