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The SPL Track One Mk3 Premium Channel Strip is a versatile rack-mountable channel strip with two separate input preamps. One preamp provides 48V phantom power for microphones while an additional preamp serves as a dedicated instrument input. With comprehensive SPL de-esser technology, a flexible compressor and limiter stage, and powerful 3-band EQ facilities, the Track One Mk3 is ready for surgical sound sculpting in nearly any studio scenario.


A selectable 80 Hz high-pass filter lets you cut out subsonic frequencies for cleaner processing or easy elimination of unwanted rumbles and noises. You can choose between line- or instrument-level input for everything from analog DAW punch ins to electric guitar or synthesizer DI recording. The Track One Mk3 sports a Lundahl transformer-balanced XLR mic input, fully balanced outputs, and 1/4" link connections for stereo compressor processing. Constructed from durable anodized aluminum and solid steel, the Track One Mk3 is engineered to last you a lifetime of heavy usage.


The Pre-Amp Stage

The Track One is equipped with two preamps: a microphone preamp with 48V phantom power and a separate instrument preamp. Both are tuned to a sound-neutral, open, and transparent characteristic.

The microphone input features 48V phantom power and preamp gain up to 63 dB

The selectable low-impedance Line input has a balancing stage for connecting studio equipment and up to 22 dB of gain

The selectable low-noise, high-impedance instrument input is ideal for electronic or electric instruments and provides up to 35 dB of preamp gain



Subtly removes offending sibilants by eliminating only the "S" sounding frequencies with phase-cancelling processing technology. The unit's auto-threshold assists in constant processing, even with varying microphone distances. S-Reduction control adjusts the intensity of the S-sound reduction.


Compressor / Limiter

The compressor is extremely easy to operate with very low noise and distortion characteristics thanks to control via a single knob and signal-dependent automation and musical results in just about any situation. You get up to 20 dB of makeup gain and a dedicated switch for turning the Track One into a soft limiter.


Three Band EQ

Provides an EQ design optimized to process vocals, acoustic, and electronic instruments.

LMF controls low and mid frequencies from 30 to 700 Hz, covering a range of about 4.5 octaves

MHF governs the mid and high frequencies from 680 Hz to 15 kHz, also covering a 4.5 octave range

Both filters allow for a boost or cut of up to 12 dB

Air is a high-frequency, coil-capacitor filter with bell characteristics and a center frequency of 19 kHz

Air filter provides maximum attenuation and accentuation of 10 dB


LED Meter

The illuminated 10-segment LED meters make it easy to view all of your information at a glance, in any environment.

- PPM Output display shows the peak reading of the output level. This display also serves to level the preamplifier.

The Gain Reduction indicator provides information about the processing performed by the compressor.

S-DET. lights up as soon as an "S" sound is detected. This is only active when the de-esser is switched on, but it works independently of the set reduction value.

CLIP lights on as soon as an overload is detected. The indicator picks up after the preamp, after the compressor, after the EQ, and after the output control.

SIG. indicates when an input signal with a higher level than -30 dB is detected.


The Connections

The inputs and outputs of the Track One Mk3 are equipped with Neutrik XLR sockets and plugs with gold-plated contacts. The signal transmission is electronically balanced, at a nominal level of +6 dBu.

Balanced XLR mic input

Selectable 1/4" line or instrument TS input and extra 1/4" line input

Balanced XLR and 1/4" TRS outputs

Two 1/4" Compressor Link for connecting to another unit for stereo processing

Selectable Master or Slave link operation

Ground lift button for eliminating hum


Die Hard

Track One Mk3 has a 4mm thick, black anodized aluminum front panel and knobs milled from solid aluminum. The housing is made of high-quality steel and is powder coated in elegant black.


Input Balancing

The Track One Mk3 comes in two different input balancing flavors: electronically balanced (Track One Mk3 standard) or transformer balanced using Lundahl transformers (Track One Mk3 Premium). Transformers are used as an alternative to electronic balancing stages in the inputs and outputs.


Transformers can be found in many classics of audio engineering. They make the bass and fundamental tines rounder and give it a little more punch. The high and overtone range sounds a bit silkier and more present, making them ideal for vocals and voices. For highest precision and speed in signal transmission (transient processing), however, electronic stages are better suited.


Premium Electronics

As with all SPL devices, the Track One Mk3 was developed not only according to plan, but also by ear. Many important components are installed on the circuit boards using Through-hole technology.


This way SPL can ensure that only the best sounding components are used. Also like all SPL products, this device was manufactured in SPL's own production facility in the Lower Rhine, Germany.

SPL Studio Series Track One Mk3 Premium Channel Strip

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