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This SurgeX SX-AX15E Axess Elite Surge Eliminator with IP Remote Control, 120V/15A, 1U is a complete power management system that provides remote insight and control of the electrical power consumed by an underlying device. It enables the switching of devices in various power modes, each with different power usage characteristics related to device performance. Giving technicians the ability to easily manage their installs remotely and limit service calls.


The SurgeX SX-AX15E is a one-rack-space unit in a magnetic shielding steel enclosure. It operates from 120 volts AC and has a 9-foot, grounded, 3-wire #14 line cord. There is also an 8 grounded AC receptacle on the back panel, with all 8 switched.


This unit has remote turn-on capabilities enabled by wired Ethernet, serial, and terminal block connections. Remote turn-on and turn-off is activated by contact closure or software. The SX AX15E has remote control, sequencing, scheduling, measurement, AutoPing, and adjustable trigger functions, and supports wired RS-232 and Ethernet HTTP, Telnet, SNMP, Syslog, SMTP, and SDxP protocols.


This unit can measure voltage, current (per outlet), power (per outlet), energy (per outlet), and temperature, and records events in its internal memory. There are two relay outputs for control and cascading. The SX-AX15E has a load rating of 15 amps at 120 volts, a self-test circuit with visual indicator, and provide EMI/RFI filtering, inrush current elimination and catastrophic over/under-voltage shutdown. It can withstand at least 1000 occurrences of surge pulse voltages up to 6000 volts.

The Axess Elite features Advanced Series Mode® surge protection that eliminates all surge energy to guarantee connected equipment is protected from surges, spikes, electrical transients, and noise without producing harmful ground contamination or common-mode disturbances. It shall withstand at least 1000 occurrences of surge pulse voltages up to 6000 volts with zero let through voltage.


The Features

IP enabled two-way communication

Displays real-time power and energy usage

Collects rack temperature, voltage, and current draw measurements

Displays a log file for advanced monitoring

Non-sacrificial components

Advanced Series Mode® surge elimination technology

Impedance Tolerant EMI/RFI Filter

COUVS® catastrophic over/under voltage shutdown

SurgeX ICE® inrush current elimination

Magnetic shielding steel enclosure

SXAX15E Axess Elite Surge Eliminator with IP Remote Control, 120V/15A, 1U

Enables users to monitor, control and manage power distribution settings and control individual outlets as well as monitor power usage

Displays real-time values of voltage, total system current draw, total system power draw as well as the total system energy usage

Features SurgeX patented Advanced Series Mode Technology and CouVS for the most advanced power protection available Integrates with most control systems

Zero let through voltage to the neutral or ground

SurgeX SXAX15E Axess Elite Power Conditioner

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