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Ideal for project studios and commercial facilities, the Switchcraft StudioPatch 1625 is a 16-point Bantam/TT patchbay module with rear-panel DB25 connectors for easy, solder-free installation. Thanks to Switchcraft's EZ Norm technology, you can use a flat-head screwdriver to quickly change the signal flow of each channel via the front panel.


Grounding switches allow you to change each channel's sleeves between vertically strapped or isolated ground configuration. Connect your equipment using separately available multichannel breakout cables (DB25 to XLR or DB25 to 1/4" TRS). Changeable destination strips and a downloadable Switchcraft-designed template enable proper labeling and organization of all inputs and outputs.


The Features

Eight channels (two 8-point rows)

Durable Bantam/TT jacks

Change the signal flow of each channel to full-, half-, or non-normalled with the twist of a screwdriver

Mount up to five 1625 patch modules in the 1625RACK 1.5 RU rack tray (available separately)

TT patch cables available separately

Built by hand in the USA

Switchcraft 1625 Studiopatch Patchbay Module

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