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The Switchcraft SC800CT is a professional direct box with a custom transformer. It converts the unbalanced outputs of musical instruments to balanced, mic-level signals that can be connected to audio consoles and mic preamps. Dual 1/4" thru-puts enable connection to multiple devices such as an amp and a tuner or two amps. A premium, fully shielded isolation transformer protects the purity of your sound from ground loops while providing uncolored audio output.


The Specs

Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz (+/-0.3dB, ref 1kHz)

Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise: < 0.007% at 1kHz, +4dBu Input, 22kHz Bandwidth / < 0.15% at 20Hz, +4dBu, 22kHz Bandwidth

Maximum Input Level: +19dBu at 20Hz with 1% THD+Noise

Input Impedence: >120 kOhms at 1kHz

Out Impedence: < 20 Ohms at 1kHz

Common Mode Rejection Ratio: > 92dB at 60Hz

Deviation From Linear Phase: < 4° at 20Hz / < 1° at 1kHz /

Voltage Gain: -22dB +/- 1dB / -42dB +/-1dB with 20dB pad engaged

Pad Attenuation: 20dB +/-1dB

Switchcraft SC800CT Instrument Direct Box with Custom Transformer

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