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The black TH-07 High-Definition Monitor Headphones from Tascam are over-ear monitors with 50mm drivers that are designed for mixing, monitoring, or simply enjoying your favorite music. They feature a closed-back design for accurate bass response and bleed rejection that prevents sound from escaping the earcups when recording on a microphone.


The TH-07 comes with two removable cables, both with gold-plated connectors. One is coiled, shorter in length, and has a 3.5mm plug, for a better connection to close-proximity audio devices and to avoid cable dangles. The other is a straight cable (approximately 8.5') for longer cable run applications and has a multiconnector, which will accommodate both 3.5mm and 1/4" connectors. Soft, comfortable earcups and a padded headband ensure a comfortable fit for extended periods, even for those who wear eyeglasses, while the unique driver design provides an intimate high-fidelity listening experience.

Tascam TH-07 High-Definition Monitor Headphones

  • Tascam TH-07 High-Definition Monitor Headphones
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