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The TELEFUNKEN TF51 Stereo Set will allow versed recording engineers a variety of stereo recording techniques, including X/Y coincidental pairs when utilizing the mics in their cardioid patterns, or A/B spaced pairs while using the mics in either cardioid or omni. The option of aBlumlein pair is also available with both microphones set to figure of 8, as well as the traditional M/S (mid / side) technique when using one mic in cardiod and the other in figure of 8. The custom M 910S dual-microphone power supply offers nine polar patterns for each microphone making the options of stereo microphone techniques nearly infinite.


The TF51 is a fresh take on the “Austrian” microphone sound associated with the TELEFUNKEN ELA M 251E and C12. The TF51 continues this legacy, exhibiting a smooth midrange and airy top end, capturing every nuance in pleasant detail. This is a reliable first choice for stand out vocals, acoustic instruments, and percussion.

This life like fidelity is created with high quality components based off these inspirations. The 6072A vacuum tube (also found in our ELA M 251E and C12) is mated with an edge-terminated style capsule similar to the historic CK12. The output transformer is a custom German-made Haufe transformer, the original manufacturer for TELEFUNKEN. This attention to detail gives theTF51a beautifully open and smooth sonic profile.

Every TF51 Stereo Set system comes with two sonically matched microphones, a variable pattern dual M 901S Power Supply, (2x) M 803 Tube Microphone Cables, (2x) M 703 Elastic Shock Mounts, (2x) Microphone Sleeves, and a Locking Flight Case. All the electronic components in each system are matched sonically and electronically, including matched capsules, transformers, and vacuum tubes.

The Features

Open and detailed frequency response

Airy and smooth top end, reminiscent of the ELA M 251E

Balanced low end and natural mid range

Hand assembled in the USA

CK12-style capsule and Haufe transformer, similar to the C12 and 251E


The Applications

  • Female vocals, Pop vocals
  • Acoustic guitar
  • Drum overheads
  • Violin
  • Mandolin
  • Grand piano

Telefunken TF51 Copperhead Large Diaphragm Tube Condenser Stereo Microphone Se

Out of Stock
  • Telefunken TF51 Large Diaphragm Tube Condenser Stereo Microphone Set
  • Matched pair of multi-pattern large-diaphragm tube condenser microphones offering a fresh take on the “Austrian” microphone sound associated with the Telefunken ELA M 251E and C12 - smooth midrange and airy top end
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