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In conjunction with D.W.Fearn/Hazelrigg Industries, Unity Audio, Coles Electroacoustics Ltd,, 37' Productions, and Independent Audio, Red Beard Pro Audio presents
"The Be All The End All"November 13th from 2pm to 7pm37' Productions in Rockland MAThe studio event of studio events
Join us for an incredible, one of a kind, all day open studio recording session/gear demo the likes of which have never been seen before.
Red Beard Pro Audio is officially inviting you to come join the party. Take part in an unforgettable day of recording and demoing gear with some of the pro audio industries leading manufacturers.
Enter the 36 ChambersIt's time to start tracking, the owners of D.W. Fearn/Hazelrigg Industries will be in the studio laying down a little rock n' roll. Along the way, join in as we explore decisions that were made as part of the recording process while examining some of our preferred miking techniques.
No Sleep Till... You Like gear? We like gear. Check this out!Alongside them, front and center, will be the heart of what you're hearing. From preamps to direct boxes, eq's and compressors, we come with an arsenal of outboard comprised entirely of D.W. Fearn/Hazelrigg Industries manufactured equipment. This does of course include the new Hazelrigg Industries VNE compressor for you to check out. Don't be shy, roll up your sleeves and join in the mix process, turn some knobs and get to know the gear. After all that's what a demo is for right?
You Want The Truth?You Can't Handle the Truth!Truth is, a large part of our industry consistsof remarkable people and first class companies. Two of those, Independent Audio and Coles Electroacoustics Ltd. have gone above and beyond with their generosity. Donating to the cause for no other reason than just wanting to help. Ever so graciously bestowed upon us were a number of microphones to be used for the event at our discretion. At this point, deciding what mics to use was easy. Everything we recorded during the event would bedone so with the legendaryColes 4038 ribbon microphone.
Signal Chain ReviewStrictly Coles 4038 ribbon micsStrictly Hazelrigg Industries/D.W. Fearn outboard gearStrictly Unity Audio Monitors.
That's it, I'm done, it's over, no need to say more.
Fine, one more thing, there's beer!
Fine, and Pizza!
ok for real, last one,IT'S TOTALLY FREE!

The Be-All The End-All

  • The Be-All The End-All
  • Join Red Beard Pro Audio, Hazelrigg Industries, and Unity Audio in the studio for a day of Audio discussions, gear demos, and recording sessions.
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