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Based on the Series 80 mixing desks, the 16-channel Trident Series 88 is an 8-bus analog inline mixing console with an integrated LED meter bridge. The 88 is designed for ease of use and workhorse reliability—each channel strip is situated on an individual module, which may be removed for repair without dismantling the entire console.


The input section features separate mic and line gain controls that allow you to set levels independently, while the Input Reverse switch flips the channel input and the monitor section. Additionally, the Meter Select switch allows you to choose metering from the Direct Out or Monitor Return. Each Class-A mic preamp offers a full-bypass, post-fader insert point that allows you to bypass the onboard preamp to incorporate any external preamp.


At the heart of the TR88 lies the 4-band Trident EQ with high- and low-shelving EQs and sweepable mid-high and mid-low peak filters. Every channel is fitted with a full 4-band EQ and a Tilt EQ on the monitor section. Additionally, an EQ switch is provided to swap the Tilt and full EQ for the monitor and input path, allowing you use the full EQ on the monitor path. An EQ insert allows you to bypass the console's full EQ when using outboard EQ.


The master section features 8 Aux Masters, each with solo and ALF/PLF Master with level adjustment. In addition to the main speaker outputs, there are two separate ALT Monitors, each with level control and on/off switches. Simple studio playback is also possible through mono Auxes 1/2, as well as Aux 7/8. The integrated talkback microphone sends the mic signal to the Auxes in pairs, to the groups, or directly to the studio. An external microphone can also be utilized for talkback functions.


There are a number of optional features available such as Lundahl transformers for each I/O, VU metering, automation, short loading, and channel configurations exceeding 40 channels. Features found throughout the TR88 make for a straightforward and powerful package, but paramount to all else is the sound. Carrying on in the tradition of the Series 80 consoles, the TR88 consoles deliver a big, warm sound when pushed hard. The TR88 ships with a rackmount power supply.

Fully Modular Design

Faders, channels, groups, and master section are individually removable

All rear connections are also removable


Split/Inline Console

Dual input to the channels – line and monitor

Four-band, sweepable channel EQ is switchable with monitor Tilt EQ


Microphone Preamp

Discrete Class-A

60 dB of gain

- Electronically balanced input, with optional transformer-balancing via Lundahl LL1538

Full bypass insert


Console EQ

- High and low shelving

Low/high mid-peaking

4 sweepable bands boost/cut to +/-15 dB

50 Hz high-pass filter

Insert pre/post EQ

Monitor In: Tilt

Group FX Returns: 12 kHz and 80 Hz shelving

Group Monitor Returns: 12 kHz and 80 Hz shelving


Master Section

8 subgroups

Monitor returns with high and low EQ

FX returns with high and low EQ

1/8" TRS input onboard

Talkback to Auxes in pairs, groups, or studio

Built-in oscillator is selectable at 1 kHz or 10 kHz

**This unit ships via freight carrier from Trident. A $350 custom wood crate charge is required for all shipping orders. This does not include freight.

Console Dims 33.4 x 36.2 x 13.0" / 84.8 x 91.9 x 33.0 cm

Special Order Item

Trident Series 88 Recording Console 16-Channel

$32,750.00 Regular Price
$29,475.00Sale Price
  • Trident Series 88 Recording Console 16 Channel
  • The Trident 88 is a classically styled, in-line, eight-buss analog console and an advancement in lineage of the revered Series 80 mixing desks.
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