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Enhance the clarity, detail, and dynamics of your instrument's sound with the BF-1 Tube Preamp/DI from Useful Arts Audio.


Whether used between the instrument and amp, the instrument and a PA or recording device, or all of these at the same time, this all-purpose interface is designed to get the best sound out of a guitar, bass, or any instrument with a pickup while avoiding unintentional alteration of the sound's characteristics. Boasting an input impedance of 20 million Ohms, the BF-1 captures even tiny details in the signal and pumps the results out to an amp or console in useable form. The BF-1 can simultaneously drive an amp through its 1/4" output jack and a pro audio device via XLR. Instead of stopping at massive impedance conversion, the BF-1 also offers a Class-A tube preamp, a two-band EQ, and dual outputs that can be used simultaneously for your amp and console. Bypass the EQ, and you have a choice of low gain (much like a traditional DI) or high gain, which gives you the ability to go straight to the converters for pure high-fidelity line-level recording with no other amplification needed. For bass players, the BF-1 can actually eliminate the need for an amp.

The Features
Small and rugged enough to put in a gig bag and use every day
Uses the input tube the same way as a tube microphone—to convert impedances without the high gain
Preserves the sound of the instrument in a way that the input stage of an amplifier or a console can't

Useful Arts BF-1 Tube Instrument Preamp/DI

  • Useful Arts BF-1
  • Tube Instrument Preamp/DI
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