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First came the Hornet — an affordable, handheld preamp/DI that sounds as good or better than any of the $1000+ solid state preamps on the market.  Discrete transistors and transformers on both the input and output – combined with the Useful Arts exclusive color control – give the Hornet a positively huge sound.


Now, make room for the SwarmTM – a single rackspace unit, hand-built in the USA, with four independent Mic/DI channels that takes the Hornet to a whole new level.  Sonically, the Swarm delivers the same huge sound as the Hornet, but its rackmount form factor makes room for extra features including a high pass filter, 22dB pad and phase control.  Like the Hornet, the Swarm features discrete gain cell topology, a custom Cinemag input transformer, and a JFET DI.  Dial in the Color control, and the personality of your microphone or instrument is enhanced and thickened without the need for compression or EQ.


Preamps in interfaces are everywhere, but they don’t have much of a sound.  The Swarm makes your music sound like a record even before it hits the interface.  If you’re looking for a versatile front end that can handle a whole drum kit, or a combination of microphones, bass, guitar and keyboards, it’s here.  And it’s affordable.


The Specs

Solid State Preamp Type

4 Channels

- 4 XLR Mic Inputs

- 4 XLR Line Outputs

4 TRS Hi-Z Inputs

Phantom Power

-22dB Pad

Polarity Switch

Highpass Filter

1U Rack Space

Useful Arts Swarm 4-Channel Microphone/Instrument Preamp

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