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The WesAudio _CALYPSO is an excellent solution for integrating 500 Series modules with ADAT-equipped DAW systems. The 8-channel AD/DA converter fits in two slots of an existing _TITAN chassis or 500 Series enclosure. A proprietary I.A.C. socket offers streamlined connectivity with the _TITAN (available separately), while DB25 analog inputs and outputs are provided for use with standard 500 Series enclosures. Use the ADAT optical I/O to interconnect any audio interface outfitted with corresponding ports.

With its ultralow-jitter clock and support for digital resolutions up to 24-bit / 96 kHz, _CALYPSO is a capable converter for the studio. The front-panel BNC jack can be used as a wordclock input or output, so _CALYPSO can properly sync with other digital gear such as a house clock. The color LCD screen shows channel metering, clip indication, and more. Connect the front-panel mini-USB port to your computer to take advantage of digital recall and device control from your DAW.

Integrates with _TITAN Chassis

I.A.C. (Internal Audio Connector) is a special socket next to slot number 10 in _TITAN chassis. This connector allows signal routing to and from slots number 1 to 8. _CALYPSO implements this standard via a separate and easy-to-remove PCB, and thus it allows full audio integration with the _TITAN ng500 chassis. In practice it means that there are no additional wires needed to send and receive signal from all modules inside _TTIAN chassis.

Works with Standard 500 Series Enclosures

_CALYPSO is designed to work with standard 500 Series enclosures via its two DB25 connectors on the front panel, which can be used to route eight channels of analog audio to and from a 500 Series chassis or analog outboard gear.

Digital Recall

As with all ng500 units, _CALYPSO is integrated with VST2/VST3/AAX/AU plug-ins. While using it with a _TITAN chassis, it allows you to manage the I.A.C. connector for easy input source selection between the rear-panel XLR input socket, or the I.A.C. direct connection to _CALYPSO. This gives you a totally recallable solution to route your signal differently based on the DAW session. The plug-in offers convenient metering, full unit control, I.A.C. recall and management, and sample rate selection based on DAW session.

LCD Screen with Metering

The front-panel LCD screen shows all configuration options for effective device management.

Channel numbers

Fast and accurate PPM metering

Clip indicators

Currently active sample rate

Source of sample-rate configuration

Clock source

Clock-sync status

H-LINK (indication if the DAW plug-in is connected to this particular hardware instance)

The Features

24-bit conversion

Supported sample rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2 (SMUX), 96 kHz (SMUX)

Ultralow-jitter clock

BNC word clock input or output

Full integration with _TITAN via I.A.C. connector (only optical ADAT cables are needed to route all signal to and from chassis)

Two ADAT inputs and two ADAT outputs

Two DB25 connectors for integration with any 500 Series chassis

Selectable +4 dBu or -10 dBV converter reference level (configurable via internal jumpers)

LCD screen with channel metering


WesAudio _CALYPSO ng500/500 Series AD/DA Converter

  • WesAudio _CALYPSO ng500/500 Series AD/DA Converter
  • The WesAudio _CALYPSO is an excellent solution for integrating 500 Series modules with ADAT-equipped DAW systems.
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