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Merging the best of analog and digital worlds, the WesAudio _MIMAS 500 series single-channel compressor offers classic 1176-style dynamic processing and the powerful luxury of digital total recall. On the analog side, it provides high headroom of +24 dBu and Carnhill transformers for big tone that'll help you get pro impact in your tracks and mixes. Plus, there's true bypass and hardware A/B switching, so you can easily compare dry versus compressed or two different configurations of settings.

When it comes to the digital integration, _MIMAS is high-tech with USB connectivity and plug-in control. It has four touch-sensitive encoders that not only adjust the settings of the analog circuitry, but also allow you to write real-time automation from _MIMAS to your DAW. Alternatively, you can draw automation in the DAW and _MIMAS will react accordingly. You can even send a DAW track to the sidechain of _MIMAS over the USB connection; analog compression digitally sidechained from your DAW.


New Artistry with Classic Tools

Since 1968, this style of compression has dominated hundreds of recordings and remains one of the most commonly used signal processors in the industry. Lightning-fast attack and release times became main companions of audio engineers. WesAudio's _MIMAS implements legendary FET compression into a 500 Series module and brings with it one of the most demanded features in the audio industry—digital recall.


More Than Meets The Eye

Carnhill transformers are foundation of its sound. _MIMAS is a fully balanced analog device with +24 dBu of headroom. Regardless of its digital control nature, the fully analog signal path provides top-tier FET compression.



_MIMAS provides selectable classic ratios of 4:1 and 8:1 for compression, and 12:1 and 20:1 for limiting. If more aggressive compression is needed, "All Buttons In" mode is right there.



Classic implementations of the 1176 provide functionality to disable compression and still add color and character to signals. _MIMAS is no different. However, instead of using input and output knobs to create the desirable effect, you can do it with just one knob, which configures the amount of saturation affecting a signal.



Regardless its extensions, _MIMAS is fully compatible with the 500 series standard. Digital features can be enabled through the mini-USB socket on the front panel.


ng500 Series

Each WesAudio device in ng500 (Next Generation 500 series) product line is equipped with a special connector. This connector is an extension to the 500 series, and allows your device to be managed/recalled through specialized GCon protocol (e.g. _TITAN 500 series 10-slot frame). This extension is compatible with the 500 series standardized plug type; however, some manufacturers apply enormous screws to the plug itself, which prevent the device from fitting in. Based on official research, more than 90% of available 500 series racks will fit just fine.


Currently known exceptions include:

Rupert Neve Designs 500 series Racks (R6 & R10)

Aphex 500 series rack

Some older BAE racks (not produced anymore)

Midas L6 (module won’t fit to the very end on slots 3 and 6)

Midas L10 (module won’t fit to the very end on slots 4 and 8)


Hardware A/B

Even using _MIMAS as a pure analog signal processor, you can easily switch between two parallel settings with the magic of simple A/B buttons.


Total Recall and Plug-In Control

Along with classic analog compression, you receive one of the most demanded features in the audio industry—total recall. Plus, full plug-in control (VST2, VST3, AU, AAX, and AAX DSP) makes _MIMAS compatible with most, if not all, major DAWs. This total integration with your beloved DAW will change your workflow forever.


Analog Automation

It's very common to want different device settings based on song sections. Now it is possible; just draw automation lines in your DAW and the _MIMAS analog device will follow. And remember, you can use four touch-sensitive encoders to record automation to your DAW.


The Features

Fully digitally controlled analog circuit

+24 dBu of headroom

Digital recall can be achieved by connecting directly through the mini-USB socket on the front panel, or using it inside a _TITAN chassis

Dedicated stereo plug-in to manage two devices at the same time

Digital sidechain makes it possible to send any track from your DAW as a sidechain signal to the compressor

Four touch-sensitive encoders, perfect for recording automation of all parameters to your DAW in real time

True bypass

Selectable VU (in/out) or gain reduction meter (switch can be accessed on the plug-in)

Free software and firmware upgrades

WesAudio _MIMAS 500 Series 1176 Style Analog Compressor with Digital Recall

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