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_TITAN is a complete recall system designed to provide total integration with your beloved analog equipment. It extends the 500 Series connector with additional pins where modules can be designed to support digital recall or any other vendor specific functionalities. This extension is part of new open standard ng500—Next Generation 500 series—which allows other manufacturers to design and implement digitally controlled analog devices. The linear power supply is capable of delivering 5A of power to bring the sound of your units to the next level. _TITAN can host standarized 500 Series modules. Of course it was designed to recall up to 10 units with signle USB or Ethernet connection. _TITAN allows you to control/recall all hosted modules through one connection. USB for direct connection with your workstation; Ethernet dedicated LAN connection to access all devices in your local network. _TITAN is part of an open specification where proper documentation along with dedicated software frameworks can be shared with other vendors free of charge. _TITAN provides a simple standalone application to change status of stereo links between modules. No more problems with accessing your chassis configuration. _TITAN implements a special connector, which routes all audio signals from and to slots 1–8. This allows future integration with audio interface modules, analog summing modules, or patchbays. The input source for any slot is implemented through analog relays, and it is configurable through standalone application. This prevents two different signal sources to be routed to the same module.


The Features

10 slots for 50o series or ng500-series modules

High end linear power supply capable to deliver 5A of power

Stereo links are integrated with modules

Contol/recall all modules though one connection

Internal stereo link switches

Open Specifications

Remote firmware upgrade

Remotely controlled stereo links

WesAudio _TITAN NG500 Recall Chassis

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