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You are generally the in-the-box kind of person, you prefer the comfort and convenience of virtual plug-ins over hardware outboard. A production desk with dozens of rack units just would not fit your workflow. And yet – there is the interface and the one front-end channel strip you love. Or there is that old 2U valve mic preamp you enjoy on vocals so much. Or your cherished rackmount monitor controller. But – a whole desktop rack desk just for those few devices? The Miza Griprack 2 Mk II has you covered. It provides two rack units (four in the case of the Miza Griprack 4 Mk II) that can easily be attached to any desk that is not thicker than 35 mm. Its tightening mechanism ensures that your gear is absolutely safe and cannot accidentally be shoved off the desk. You also get to enjoy the absolute freedom of choosing your rack setup: just one Miza Griprack 2 Mk II in the middle of your desk, two units to the left and right for a total of four rack units, or three to cover both sides and the center. Your options are only limited by the surface of your desk. What is more, you do not even lose desk space, like your speakers or computer screens fir perfectly on top of the Miza Griprack 2 Mk II. The foam pad makes sure that whatever you place on your Miza Griprack stands safely.
  • Fits onto any desktop up to 35mm thickness
  • Adds two rack units anywhere on your desk
  • Foam pad to use as speaker or screen support
  • The tightening mechanism uses less space and avoids overtightening
  • Part of Zaor modular system
Available Finishes
  • Cherry Black
  • Wengé Grey
  • Height – 233 mm
  • Width – 561 mm
  • Depth – 430 mm
Package Weight
  • Packed in Box – 12kg
Box Size
  • 66 x 48 x 25 cm

Zaor Miza Griprack 2 MkII Studio Desktop Rack

Out of Stock
  • Zaor Miza Griprack 2 MkII Studio Desktop Rack
  • Easily add two rack units onto your desktop space and use the rack surface for speakers, computer screens or accessories – the Miza Griprack is the rack expansion for every desk.
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