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The perfect working desk is the desk that is perfect for you. Your needs and demands may vary from those of others, or they could change over time. With the Miza Griprack 4 Mk II, you can create, form and reform your working environment to reflect whatever your current workflow presupposes. Designed and built to the high-quality standards the Miza line is popular for, the Miza Griprack 4 Mk II offers four rack units for your hardware gems. Placed on any desktop of your choice, it is fixed in place with a tightening mechanism that secures your valued outboard treasures. Together with the 2U Miza Griprack 2 Mk II, you can pretty much build any setup you desire: have four rack units on each side of your desk. Have two or four more in the center, right under your screen. You do not even have to decide how – you can expand your rack space as demand grows by simply adding another Miza Griprack to your desk. As the top of the Miza Griprack 4 Mk II is covered with a foam pad, your computer screens, monitor speakers or whatever else you decide to put there will stay safely in place. Build your desk, grow your desk – get your Miza Griprack.
  • Fits onto any desktop up to 35mm thicknes
  • Adds four rack units anywhere on your desk
  • Foam pad to use as speaker or screen support
  • Tightening mechanism uses less space and avoids overtightening
  • Part of Zaor modular system
Available Finishes
  • Cherry Black
  • Wengé Grey
  • Height – 318 mm
  • Width – 561 mm
  • Depth – 460 mm
Package Weight
  • Packed in Box – 14kg
Box Size
  • 66 x 48 x 25 cm

Zaor Miza Griprack 4 MkII Studio Desktop Rack

Out of Stock
  • Zaor Miza Griprack 4 MkII Studio Desktop Rack
  • The easiest and quickest way to your own customized production desk: the Miza Griprack 4 Mk II turns virtually any desk into a production workplace for discerning professionals
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