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This is a matched pair of AKG C414 XLS Multi-Pattern Large-Diaphragm Condenser Microphones, a staple within the audio industry. Equipped with nine selectable polar patterns, three attenuation levels and three switchable bass-cut filters, the C414 XLS remains one of the most versatile condenser microphones for recording vocals, drums, and acoustic and amplified instruments in the studio or on stage.


This microphone is designed to closely approximate the sonic character of the vintage C414 B-ULS. The 1" edge-terminated, dual-diaphragm transducer combined with the low-noise electronic circuitry provide a wide dynamic range of 134 dB and can handle SPL up to 158 dB, for a detailed and natural sound.


Features include a peak-hold LED to alert you if overload peaks occur, and a Lock Mode so the microphone settings cannot be changed unintentionally. The elastic capsule suspension minimizes structurally transmitted noise from chassis vibration. The rugged all-metal body ensures efficient rejection of RF interference and makes this microphone well suited to withstand the rigors of studio and stage handling.


Every factory-matched pair of C414 XLS is created from microphones selected by AKG's computer-aided matching method and provides the highest possible correlation over the microphones' entire frequency range as well as virtually identical sensitivity for natural three-dimensional stereo recordings. Built and designed in Austria, the set comes with a metal carrying case, two spider-type shockmounts, two stand adapters, two foam windscreens, and a stereo bar.

The Features

Dual-diaphragm 1” edge-terminated transducer

Nine polar patterns: omnidirectional, cardioid, hypercardioid, figure-8,wide cardioid, and the intermediate patterns in between

134 dB dynamic range (up to 158 dB SPL)

Lock Mode for live operation—all controls can be conveniently disabled

Peak-hold LED displays overload peaks

All-metal body rejects electrostatic and electromagnetic interference

Three switchable bass-cut filters to reduce wind noise and proximity effect (40, 80, and 160 Hz)

Three attenuation levels for close-up recording and high-output sources (-6, -12, and -18 dB)

Elastic capsule suspension minimizes structurally transmitted noise from chassis vibration

Designed and manufactured in Austria


AKG C414 XLS Matched Pair

  • AKG C414 XLS ST
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