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Classic AKG performance

This matched set of rugged AKG C451 B condenser microphones lets you capture amazingly accurate sound under less-than-ideal live performance conditions. These small-diaphragm mics are great for drums, percussion, acoustic guitar, and strings. Each mic offers the same sonic performance as AKG's legendary C451 EB + CK1 capsule, a favorite with recording engineers and sound men since 1969.

The C451 B features a high overload limit and durable construction designed for rough handling. Its sound pressure level capability of 155dB SPL ensures you can close-mike high-energy sound sources — like drums or amps. And yet it's equally effective with acoustic guitar and strings. AKG's transformerless preamp minimizes distortion. And the mic's switchable high-pass filter effectively gets rid of unwanted rumble and wind noise.


These AKG C415 Bs come with two stand adapters and windscreens, as well; as a stereo mounting bar for X/Y recording. And you can carry it all in the foam-padded aluminum carry case.

The Features

2 small-diaphragm condenser microphones

For use with drums, percussion, acoustic guitar, and strings

Cardioid polar pattern

Zinc body with nickel finish

Switchable high-pass filter

10 dB attenuation switch for handling extremely high sound pressure levels


The Specs (each)

Frequency response: 20-20,000 Hz

Output impedance: 200 ohms

Sensitivity: 9mV/Pa

Max. SPL: 155 dB

Weight: 4.4 oz.

- Height: 6-1/4"; diameter: 3/4"

XLR connector

Requires phantom power (9 to 52V) on your mixer or audio interface

AKG C451 B Matched Pair

  • AKG C451 B Stereo Pair
  • Small-diaphragm Matched, Serialized Stereo Microphones
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