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Genesys Black’s ground-breaking design incorporates the Neve industry revered analogue circuit design alongside the AMS world-leading digital control technology. The result? The perfect console for today’s hybrid studios.

Total Studio Integration

There’s a ‘classic Neve’ look and feel to the console, but get closer and you’ll see it's ultra modern too. The benefits go far beyond letting you customize your set up to suit the way you work. It also means every routing decision and every switch setting can be saved and instantaneously reset. Add the legendary sounding Neve analogue EQ and optional dynamics cassettes and you can instantly recall these settings too. Just think of the reconfiguration time that saves when you’re juggling multiple projects in your studio.


Legendary Analogue Sound

1073 Preamps

Each analogue channel strip features digitally-controlled 1073® preamps with exclusive Marinair® transformers.

88R 4-Band/1084 3 Band EQ

Two EQ’s for modern or vintage Neve® flavour – Genesys consoles are the only studio consoles to feature digitally controlled, pure analogue EQ processing.

VCA Compressor/Gate/Expander

The VCA dynamics card, evolved from the 88RS console channel dynamics, provides a digitally controlled Compressor/Gate/Expander for every channel strip.

Plugin-Style Signal Flow

Customise your analogue signal flow with the drag-and-drop processing order feature. Reorder analogue processing as if it was a software plugin –  EQ, Dynamics, and dual-inserts.

Huge Routing Capabilities

Eight aux sends and eight group busses with soft switching & digital routing matrix control speed up studio workflow, automatically handling all routing for every session.

Modern In-line Architecture

The dual input in-line channel strip doubles the channel count when mixing large sessions, with motorised faders providing total dual-layer control of all signal paths.


Neve Flagship Monitoring

88R - Evolved

With a bandwidth that surpasses high sample rate digital audio quality, the Genesys Black’s high headroom mix bus, derived from the 88R console, is enhanced with powerful digital control elements.

Supreme Monitoring

Two stereo and two surround loudspeaker outputs, mirrored with stereo and surround external inputs, deliver unparalleled monitoring options for any studio.

Professional Metering

The consoles PPM/VU scale 48-segment LED meters use 88R ballistics to deliver total accuracy for channel, groups, and mix signals.

Stereo & Surround Mixing

With a digital routing matrix, LCR panning system, 20 bussing paths and multiple outputs, the Genesys Black can mix in stereo, and 5.1 surround simultaneously.

Stem Mixing

Eight mono groups, each with insert, routing, bussing and analogue/digital direct output, are perfect for stem mixing, and the 2T bus is ideal for creating dual-stereo mixes from the same console pass.

FX/Cue Mix Connectivity

Four digitally-controlled stereo reverb returns are ideal for connecting multiple external FX units, and two dedicated cue mixers are perfect for meeting performer demands.


Unique Hybrid Workflow

Total Recall Software

Every Setting on the Genesys Black can be recalled in a matter of minutes. The 1073’s, EQ, Dynamics, soft switches, routing and motorized faders are automatically recalled at the push of a button.

Multitouch Screen

The central multitouch screen is the perfect host for your DAW, providing accurate, hands-on control of all DAW mix and edit parameters with customisable touch response.

Hybrid Workstation

16 Dedicated DAW faders, mutes, cuts, solos, and automation provide total control over in-the-box mixes at all times, with the ability to flip all console faders into DAW mode for the ultimate hybrid workflow.

Total DAW Integration

Expanded transport controls with marker keys, scrub wheel, & custom keyboard armrest with integrated USB sockets make the Genesys Black the perfect creative workstation for modern music production.

Plug & Play Audio Interface

The Genesys Black AD/DA cards handle all conversion internally, connecting via multi-mode MADI optical. With this option installed, all signal paths flow into a single USB cable allowing ultimate plug-and-play for visiting engineer laptops.

Mastering-Grade Conversion

The optional MADI AD/DA converter cards for the Genesys Black have been pitted against the best names in the business and stood out for their clarity, quality and musicality.


GenesysControl Automation

Plugin/Console Integration

Control and automate the console from the DAW with the one-of-a-kind automation plugin. Harness the power and speed of in-the-box workflow while reaping all the benefits of Neve analogue console sound.

Channel Strip Automation

Channel strip soft switches can be controlled from within the DAW; aux sends, processing activation, and hardware insert activation can now be automated from the linear DAW timeline.

EQ & Dynamics Automation

The consoles 1084 or 88R EQ and complete dynamics section controls appear within a fully interactive GUI plugin window, allowing for ultimate control, automatic recall, and automation from your DAW of choice.


Stereo Linking & Channel Naming

Channels can be stereo linked at the push of a button, including channel EQ, dynamics, soft switches and faders. The console scribble strips can be edited from within the DAW plugin, perfectly matching console settings to the DAW session.

Dual-Layer Automation

The GenesysControl plugin enables a powerful feature – automation of the small fader or monitor return. With the plugin installed, the console dual-channel count is enhanced with total control & automation of all mix signals.

Mastering-Section Controls

Not only can every channel strip be controlled and automated from within the DAW, but the GenesysControl Plugin Master GUI also enables complete control of the 8T Group channels, fader, stereo master fader, stereo mix inserts and reverb return levels.

Special Order Item

Neve Genesys Black 32 Channel 48 Fader Hybrid Recording Console

  • AMS Neve Genesys Black Console 32 Channel
  • Digitally controlled analog recording console with total integration with the studio environment and the digital audio workstations of your choice
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