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For decades, engineers, producers, and musicians have marveled at Bob Clearmountain's mixes. Recordings by iconic artists like David Bowie, Chic, Roxy Music, the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams, INXS, and so many more are prime examples of how Clearmountain's work elevated the role of “the mixer” to that of an essential creative partner in the process of making records. Clearmountain's ability to build a soundscape and atmosphere, where voices and instruments effortlessly live in an intimate space but seamlessly blend together, set new standards for mixing. His passion to reveal the true character of the song, highlighting the emotion of the music, gets to the heart of what inspired the song from its inception.


While this is a craft honed over a career of many experiences, accomplishments, and hit records, there are secrets that can be shared and Clearmountain's Domain offers one of Bob's most refined and important techniques in a simple, streamlined plugin.


Apogee's Clearmountain's Domain plugin reproduces Clearmountain's personalized FX signal chain for creating the cohesive spaces, expansive dimensions, and rich atmospheres where his mixes live. Classic presets help you to recreate the sonic environment of your favorite Clearmountain mixes. Advanced views reveal Bob's decades to expertise and empower you to create your own musical mix domain.

The Features

  • Clearmountain’s Personalized FX Signal Flow featuring Pre Delay/Reverb De-esser, Pre Delay/Reverb EQ, Stereo Delay with Spin Time Compensation, Delay Blur (Saturation), Stereo Unison to Octave Pitch-Shift
  • Clearmountain Spaces Convolution Reverbs
  • FX Mixer
  • Clearmountain’s Classic Presets
  • Clearmountain Spaces, Convolution Reverbs
  • Real Time FX Visualizer

The System Requirements

  • MacOS 10.12.6 or higher
  • 4 GB RAM minimum, 8GB of RAM recommended
  • PACE iLok Account
  • AAX Native, AU, VST or VST 3 Compatible Host Application
  • Coming to Windows 10 in Q4, 2019


Apogee Clearmountain's Domain - Perpetual License Download

  • Apogee Electronics Clearmountain's Domain
  • Mixing and FX Signal Chain Software for Pro Audio Applications (Download)
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