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Built to meet the needs of musicians, producers, podcasters, and content creators, the Audient EVO 16 is a 24-in / 24-out USB audio interface designed from the ground up to make recording studio-quality audio easy and cost-effective.


Eight award-winning EVO preamps with an impressive 58 dB of gain alongside the company's advanced converter technology that offers ultralow latency and a staggering 121 dB dynamic range, enable the interface to deliver professional-grade audio performance across the board. Add to that intelligent mic preamps, which automatically set their own levels with Smartgain, the Motion UI control system, which makes any interaction with EVO 16 a fully immersive, intuitive user experience, and enough analog and digital I/O firepower to tackle even the biggest of sessions and futureproof your studio.

EVO 16 is meticulously designed to look stylish on both your desktop and in your rack. Superbright backlit LED lighting not only looks stunning but ensures visibility in the darkest studios. The EVO 16 features a built-in power supply and can be used as a standalone. A solid-steel chassis ensures that the EVO 16 is built to last.

Studio-Quality Recordings with Eight EVO Mic Preamps

EVO 16 includes eight high-quality EVO Mic Preamps, available through the combo jacks on the front and rear of the unit. Backed by 25 years of engineering experience, the company's analog EVO preamp has been designed to deliver an accurate, clean, and true-to-source version of your audio (no matter what you're recording) with ultralow distortion, a noise-free signal, and a 58 dB gain range to easily power gain-hungry mics.

The EVO preamp technology not only offers the sonic advantages of an analog preamp but combines it with digitally controlled precision, giving you the ability to set your gain with pinpoint accuracy right down to the decibel. This also works great for stereo pairs, as you can link pairs of input channels.

Two JFET Instrument Inputs for Classic Vibe and Modern Clarity

EVO's harmonically rich JFET instrument input circuit is designed to replicate the input stage of a classic valve amplifier, providing an ideal sonic foundation before you hit your guitar sims. The two 1/4" instrument inputs on the front panel enable you to connect instruments such as electric guitars and basses. The instrument input is sometimes also known as a DI (Direct Injection) and provides a high-input impedance to get the best tone from your instruments.

High-Performance Converters for Clear, Precise Audio Quality

Providing a massive 121 dB of dynamic range, EVO 16's high-performance converter technology makes sure you hear your audio accurately, helping you make creative decisionsconfidently, identify issues, and improve your recording and mixing game.

Low-Latency with Ultrafast USB, Speed Meets Dependability

With rock-solid driver performance, high-speed USB connection, and ultralow latency monitoring, EVO 16 delivers the reliability needed for complex recording and mixing workflows.


Smartgain is a powerful feature which helps you get recording as quickly as possible. It is able to listen to all the activated inputs and automatically set gains for all eight channels within a matter of seconds. Simply set up your mics, hit Smartgain, and press record.

Motion UI User Interface

The Motion user interface (UI) has been designed to simplify the way you interact with your audio interface.


Ultraclear Screen

Every adjustment, every detail, every button press is beautifully displayed in real time on the backlit color LCD Screen, letting you navigate hardware features effortlessly, make changes on the fly, and take full control of your recording session. The screen intelligently displays information as you need it, offering a fully immersive experience without ever looking at your computer. IPS technology means information on the screen remains legible no matter your viewing angle.


One-Knob Centralized Control

Designed to keep your session in motion, One-Knob-Control lets you glide through EVO 16's hardware features from a single centralized point.


Channel Status

Pressing an input or output button momentarily displays the channel name, the levels and the functions activated for that specific channel. All the information you ever need in one place.



Keep an eye on your levels by quickly cycling through your inputs and outputs with EVO 16’s crystal-clear full-color metering.


Function Button

Thanks to the customizable F button, you can assign any of EVO 16's advanced monitoring controls to this programmable function button for a workflow just the way you like it.

Flexible Routing Options with Eight Line Outputs

Connect and listen to your mixes through multiple sets of speakers with EVO 16's eight line outputs. Alternatively use the extra line outputs to send audio to external outboard gear, such as compressors or FX units, or to headphone amps for distribution to your artists.

Two Dedicated Headphone Outputs

EVO 16's two dedicated headphone amps easily power headphones up to 600 ohms all while letting you enjoy detailed monitoring and playback, and plenty of volume.

Two Digital I/Os

Whether you're recording drums or taking on a full band, EVO 16's optical inputs and outputs have got you covered. Supporting both ADAT and S/PDIF, add up to 16 channels of mic preamps to your setup, giving you plenty of options for expanding your studio down the line—pairs great with any external mic preamp.

Advanced Monitor Control

Switching between two sets of speakers using the ALT monitor feature, checking your mix in Mono, or using Talkback, all features can be customized and activated from the front panel. 


The F-button on the front panel can be used to activate Talkback, enabling you to stay in contact with an artist through their headphones.

Powerful EVO Mixer

the EVO Mixer software, which provides further options for setting up and routing inputs and outputs and low-latency monitoring.

Audio Loop-Back for Podcasters & Content Creators

EVO 16 includes Loop-back channels that allow you to take audio from applications on your computer and feed it to another application.


Wordclock Output

The EVO 16 includes a BNC Wordclock output, which allows you to clock multiple digital devices to the EVO 16's master clock and keep everything in sync.

Optional Rack Ears

Upon registering the EVO, users can request the rack ears which will be shipped to them directly, free of charge.


EVO 16 is also compatible with all major audio software and plug-ins.

Audient EVO 16 24x24 USB Audio Interface

  • Audient EVO 16 24x24 USB Audio Interface
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