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Simplify your recording process and attain a professional sound with the Audient iD44 MkII, a high-performance 20x24 USB audio interface designed by respected experts for musicians, producers, bands, and project studio engineers.


Styled with a beautiful smoke-grey finish, it expands on the performance of its predecessor with a 9 dB improvement in the ADCs' THD+N figure, the addition of Audio Loop-back, and the incorporation of a dual headphone amp. The combination of these enhencements alongside four Audient Console mic preamps, class-leading converters, ADAT expandability, and balanced inserts means the iD44 MkII delivers the audio performance of a large-format Audient console straight to your desktop, at a budget-friendly cost.

Microphone Preamps

The iD44 MkII incorporates four Class-A mic preamps with the same discrete circuit design found in the company's renowned recording console the ASP8024-HE.The circuitry delivers ultralow noise and low distortion, yielding a fast, open, and detailed sonic signature with a touch of classic analog warmth.

Class-Leading Converters

Offering an incredible 126 dB of dynamic range and 112 dB of THD+N, the iD44 MkII's class-leading ADC converters have been designed to deliver an honest and natural translation of your audio, helping you hear subtle details, identify problematic issues, and make better mix decisions.

16-Channel Digital I/O Expansion, More Possibilities

Easily configure your studio to tackle bigger sessions. Equipped with two optical input and output connectors, the iD44 MkII gives you plenty of options for expansion. Supporting both ADAT and S/PDIF, boost your I/O by adding up to 16 channels of mic preamps to your setup.

Balanced Inserts

Easily configure your studio to tackle bigger sessions. Equipped with two optical input and output connectors, the iD44 MkII gives you plenty of options for expansion. Supporting both ADAT and S/PDIF, boost your I/O by adding up to 16 channels of mic preamps to your setup.


Balanced Inserts for Hardware Integration

Integrate your favorite outboard FX prior to conversion and start creating customized signal chains. The balanced insert returns give you direct access to the A/D converters, providing the cleanest signal path possible and making it great for print-backs or integrating outboard line-level sources.

  • Track and mix with hardware FX
  • Bypass built-in mic preamps and record with external mic pres

JFET Instrument Inputs

Designed to replicate the input stage of a classic valve amplifier, the iD44 MkII features two harmonically rich JFET 1/4" instrument inputs giving you the perfect sonic foundation for your guitars or basses before you hit your amp sims.

Speaker Outputs

Connect and listen to your mixes through two sets of speakers with the iD44 MkII's four line outputs. Alternatively use the extra line outputs to send audio to an external headphone amp for distribution to your artists.

Independent Headphone Outputs

Easily record and collaborate with others by utilizing the iD44 MkII's two individual stereo headphone amps, both providing more than enough power for your headphones to perform accurately. With two 1/4" jacks and a 3.5mm mini-jack, three sets of headphones can be plugged in at once

Audio Loop-Back for Podcasts and Streaming

Now equipped with Audio loop-back, the iD44 MkII gives you the ability to capture playback from multiple applications on your computer at the same time as your microphones. Audio loop-back lets you create a custom audio feed ready to send to your streaming software. Ideal for content creators, podcasters, and streamers.

Record your computer's audio

Send audio to live streams

Collaborate on mixes online

Record gaming audio

Software Mixer with Ultralow Latency

The iD mixer tightly integrates hardware and software, letting you effortlessly set up low-latency direct monitoring, create up to four stereo artist cue mixes, name and customize channels, save layout presets, assign hardware function buttons, and quickly setup advanced routing.


The iD44 MkII's loop-back feature is also controlled via the Software Mixer, enabling you to select the Loop-back source from 6 different options to suit a variety of practical scenarios.


With a touch of a button, the iD44 MkII's volume encoder becomes a virtual scroll wheel, enabling you to take control of your DAW, plug-in parameters, and more—just like you're adjusting a piece of hardware. Quickly dial in settings, adjust faders, or even write in automation without spending hours staring at a screen.

Powerful Monitor Controller

Taking inspiration from Audient's heritage in analog console design, the iD44 MkII features a range of flexible monitor control functions including dedicated talkback, cut, and dim buttons, along with polarity, mono, speaker select, and cue-mix monitoring.

Built-In Talkback

New dedicated talkback technology enables you to utilize any audio source connected to your computer (e.g. your computer's built-in mic or a USB microphone) as your talkback mic, freeing up valuable mic pres while offering an effective talkback solution no matter where you are.

Programmable Function Buttons

All monitoring functions can be assigned to three programmable function buttons. No more time spent searching for software controlled features or scrolling through menus, just assign the monitoring functions you need, and quickly take control of your session. Real hardware control at your fingertips.

Ruff and Rugged

Thanks to all-metal construction, hand-finished aluminum knobs, and high-grade component selection, the iD44 MkII can stand up to countless late nights in the studio and days on the road.

Audient ID44 MkII 20x24 Desktop USB Audio Interface

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  • Audient ID44 MkII 20x24 Desktop USB Audio Interface
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