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Modern mixing engineers can now experience the vintage sound and feel of the world famous Gauss 7 Reference Monitors thanks to Avantone. You no longer have to search endlessly for an old pair of classic Gauss 7 Monitors that probably need a lot of TLC, you can now purchase brand new ones for the first time in a long, long while.

These nearfield monitors take the classic Gauss 7 Reference monitors from yesteryear and make them suitable for a modern context, offering all the old-school transient response of the original, with modern bandwidth and frequency-response specifications. With folded AMT drivers and a classic ultrasmooth tweeter, the monitors deliver accurate, detailed sound, as well as a wide sweet-spot, and precise stereo imaging.

The Features

Hi-Fi AMT Drivers

  • At the heart of the Gauss 7 is the custom, patented-design GAU-AMT tweeter. The GAU-AMT provides accurate detail and precise stereo imaging, all while maintaining a small vertical throw. This reduces unwanted acoustic reflections in a room, which helps minimize phase issues in an acoustic environment.GAU-AMT's impressive transient response comes from it's 65mm polyethylene terephthalate (PET) film folded membrane. PET film was chosen for its low-resonant-frequency qualities. It also hosts a comparatively low crossover point while still providing exceptional high-range frequency extension. The assembly is mounted in its own enclosure to prevent the backwave pressure from the woofer.


Clean and Smooth High End

  • The high-end frequency response (up to 22 kHz) makes for an exceptional reference monitor for a massive range of music and sound materials. Air frequencies aren't just audible, but very smooth.


Full and Round Low End

  • Gauss 7's woofer takes great inspiration from the company's AV10-MLF white cone woofer, though it has been reengineered for the Gauss. The woofer cone is a pressed design, made of the same proprietary blend of wood pulp and glass fiber found in the CLA-10 series woofer (AV10-MLF), though reinforced with sheer mass. This provides the hard snap and fast transient response of the CLA-10, but with much more low-end. Tighter voicing isn't going to be heard here; Gauss 7 provides a wide bandwidth for fantastic midrange and great low-end reference.


Intelligent Design

  • The woofer's motor structure is made of low-carbon 1008 steel, enabling the highest about of magnetic flux density between the pole piece and top plate. To top it off, the surround of the woofer is a Japanese unidirectional styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR), which optimizes the power and excursion of the woofer.
  • A rear-firing bass port gives Gauss 7 a controlled yet punchy low end, quite different from the typical overhyped low end found other speakers in this price range.


Multiple Points of Connection and Tuning Controls

  • Balanced XLR and 1/4" TRS inputs make connections a breeze, but it takes a bit more than just that alone to give a monitor strength. The back panel of Gauss 7 has powerful yet easy-to-use acoustic tuning controls, perfect for tuning the system to your room. A three-position Acoustic Placement switch allows you to optimize Gauss 7 to boundary spaces in your room. And a three-position High Trim switch helps refine additional room issues. Each individual monitor has its own gain control for proper system calibration.

Avantone Pro Gauss 7 2-Way Powered Reference Monitors (Pair)

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  • Avantone Pro Gauss 7 2-Way Powered Reference Monitors (Pair)
  • Modern mixing engineers can now experience the vintage sound feel of the world famous Gauss 7 Reference Monitors thanks to Avantone.
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