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The BLU-8-V2 is a HiQnet compatible programmable zone controller capable of controlling a single zone, four zones or eight zones in different modes of operation. A simple control surface and informative visual feedback ensure that non-technical users can be confident in making changes to an integrated AV system.


What's different about the V2?

The BLU-8-V2 shares the same feature set and appearance as the original BLU-8 but benefits from a significant hardware upgrade. Under the surface, the BLU-8-V2 has much in common with the rack-mount Soundweb London devices and this revised hardware design offers considerable enhancement to networking functionality. The BLU-8v2 is available in white or black.

BSS BLU-8-V2-BLK Programmable Zone Controller

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  • BSS BLU-8-V2-BLK BSS Audio Programmable Zone Controller
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