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The Coleman Audio M3PHMKIII has been upgraded with a 47 position stepped attenuator made exclusively for Coleman Audio. This is the most accurate level control available period. Perfect for mastering. Four stereo inputs to A/B input signals. Three stereo outputs for main and alternate speakers. Output #3 can be switched to a fixed output for meters or a cue system. Engineers headphone output has it’s own level control. Left and right mute switches, a mono sum and a phase reverse switch. When the phase reverse and the mono sum both are engaged you get a L minus R in the speakers to monitor the side channels. The main signal path is passive, so no noise or coloration will be added to the audio signal.

The Features

-DAW/hardware control room monitor controller

-Replicates the master section on a console

-Completely passive design - won't color your signal path

-Switches between 3 pairs of speakers for playback translation

-Accepts stereo inputs from up to 4 sources-47-position, 4-gang stepped master control (+/- 0.05dB) promotes a balanced stereo listening environment

-Balanced XLR connectors minimize noise and maximize output

-L/R mute switches let you audition speakers independently

-Mono switch (L minus R) collapses audio to test for mono compatibility

-Polarity reversal switch highlights speaker phase issues

-Mono + polarity nulls mono material to review side content

-1U chassis is rack compatible

-8-ohm headphone output lets you monitor silently or feed a headphone amp

-Internal switch makes output #3 fixed to feed VU meters or a cue system-115

-volt/230-volt switch on power supply circuit board

Coleman Audio M3PH MKIII Monitor Controller

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  • Coleman Audio M3PH MKIII
  • Passive control room monitor
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