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The Coleman Audio QS8MKII is a control room monitor, a communications module, a cue mixer and a summing box all in a one unit. As a control room monitor the QS8MKII has a passive signal path, a 47 position stepped attenuator and alternate speaker outputs. Both the stereo cue input and the stereo Aux 3 input have their own level control and combine to make the cue mix. Aux 3 eliminates the latency issue by feeding the input signal back to the headphone mix. The talkback mic with it’s own level control allows easy communication with the artist. The QS8MKII also sums four stereo inputs to a balanced stereo output that can be recorded as a DAW mix track.

The Features
-Passive signal path for monitoring

-47 position stepped attenuator tracks to .05db

-Alternate speaker outputs

-Talkback mic and remote switching available

-Cue mix eliminates latency issues

-Sums four stereo inputs to a stereo output

-All inputs and outputs are balanced

Coleman Audio QS8 MKII DAW Master Monitor

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  • Coleman Audio QS8 MKII
  • Coleman Audio QS8 MKII Daw Master Monitor
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